STIX Rough Character Database

Updated: 19 June 1997

As an indication of the size of the problem STIX has taken on, Nico Poppelier and the Elsevier Science group earlier produced a large start on a tabular database of known STI (Scientific and Technical Information) characters which has been used as a place holder for Chapter 6 of the HTML-Math Working Group. It is important to note that although these tables seem to provide even more information than the newer ones above they have not been checked carefully and are intended to show the sort of thing we have before us rather than the results so far.

The first set of tables show an available entity name (got by taking a 9573 name if it was there, if not an 8879 name, if not an Elsevier name), a Unicode (hopefully) corresponding, and an example of a corresponding glyph when available. The headings are

MathML entity Unicode Sample glyph

There are cases where a glyph image is not yet available, and perhaps the tables will be completed in later editions. Since the GIF images are from more than one source the quality and the form of the background vary.

The ordering of the tables is essentially by Unicodes at the present time. They are divided into groups of 100 to make them easier to load into a browser since they involve about one GIF image per character. Later we expect to offer other groupings of this collection of entities. In the Unicode column, if there is no Unicode available then the AFII number appears in brackets, like [2139] (in hexadecimal although the AFII tables use octal), or if that is also unavailable then a code from the Elsevier grid system appears in double brackets, like [[cbx]]. For instance:

⩕ [DB3D]
∈ [[bob]]

Entity tables

To provide more background on the characters used by mathematics there is the larger rough tabular comparitive database showing codes and meanings in other common math environments. The data are availabel through the good offices of Elsevier Science and Wolfram Research (Mathematica). These tables have 15 columns.

UnicodeAFIIgridISO 8879 entityISO 8879 descriptionISO TR9573 entityISO TR9573 descriptionElsevier entityElsevier descriptionHTMLTeX textTeX mathElsevier glyphMathematica nameMathematica glyph

Character database tables