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Working Draft 7-Feb-1998

Full STIX Listing by Unicodes

  Unicode      Glyph       SGML     Name                 Description
00D0 D with stroke, uppercase; also, uppercase Eth Eth (Icelandic)
00D7 times ISONUM /times B: multiply sign
00D8 O with slash, uppercase
00DE Thorn, uppercase
00DF s, double
00E6 ae digraph, lowercase
00E6 low front unrounded vowel
00E7 voiceless palatal fricative
00F0 voiced dental fricative
00F0 eth
00F1 Latin small letter n with tilde
00F7 divide ISONUM /div B: divide sign
00F8 o with slash, lowercase
00FE thorn, lowercase
010D hachek c = caron c
0110 Latin capital letter D with stroke
0111 Latin small letter d with stroke
0111 Latin small letter d with stroke
0127 voiceless pharyngeal fricative
0131 latin small letter dotless i
0141 L with stroke, uppercase (polish)
0142 l with stroke, lowercase (polish)
014B velar nasal
0152 OE digraph, uppercase
0153 oe digraph, lowercase
0153 half-open front rounded vowel
0161 hacek s = caron s
0192 florin
019A lowercase l with horizontal bar
019B Latin small letter lambda with stroke
019E Japanese syllabic nasal
01A5 Latin small letter p with hook
01AA labialized voiceless palato-alveolar fricative
01AB Latin letter small t with palatal hook
01AD t with right-hooked ascender
01BA labialized voiced palato-alveolar fricative
01BB voiced alveolar affricate (obsolete)
01BE voiceless alveolar affricate (obsolete)
01C0 dental click
01C1 lateral click
01C2 alveolar click
01C3 retroflex click
01F0 Latin small letter j with hachek
0250 lower-mid central unrounded vowel
0251 ascr ISOMSCR /scr a, script letter a
0251 open back unrounded vowel
0252 open back rounded vowel
0253 bilabial implosive
0254 half-open back rounded vowel
0255 voiceless alveolo-palatal fricative
0256 voiced retroflex plosive
0257 dental or alveolar implosive
0258 upper-mid central unrounded vowel
0259 schwa
025A r-colored schwa
025B half-open front unrounded vowel
025C a variety of schwa
025D rhotacized lower-mid central vowel
025E lower-mid central rounded vowel
025F voiced palatal plosive
0260 implosive velar stop
0261 voiced velar plosive
0262 voiced uvular plosive
0263 voiced velar fricative

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