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Working Draft 7-Feb-1998

Full STIX Listing by Unicodes

  Unicode      Glyph       SGML     Name                 Description
02A6 voiceless dental affricate
02A7 voiceless postalveolar affricate
02A8 voiceless alveolo-palatal affricate
02B1 modifier letter small h with hook, superscript
02B4 modifier letter small turned r, superscript
02B5 modifier letter small turned r with hook, superscript
02B6 modifier letter small capital inverted R, superscript
02B9 modifier letter prime
02BA phonetic accent '' extra high
02BB quote, single, right
02BC modifier letter apostrophe
02BD modifier letter reversed comma
02BE half-ring, right superscript, spacing diacritic
02C0 modifier letter glottal stop, small, superscript
02C1 modifier letter reversed glottal stop, small, superscript
02C2 modifier letter left arrowhead, superscript, fronted articulation
02C3 modifier letter right arrowhead, superscript
02C4 modifier letter up arrowhead, superscript
02C5 modifier letter down arrowhead, superscript
02C6 modifier letter rise-fall contour tone bar
02C6 rise-fall pitch
02C7 modifier letter fall-rise contour tone bar
02C7 fall-rise pitch
02C8 less rounded
02C9 high level pitch
02CA high rising pitch
02CB high falling pitch
02CC secondary stress
02CD low level pitch
02CE low falling pitch
02CF low rising pitch
02D0 long
02D1 half-long
02D2 more rounded
02D3 stressed
02D4 raised (in-line diacritic)
02D5 lowered (in-line diacritic)
02D6 advanced (in-line diacritic)
02DE modifier appendage rhotic hook
02E0 modifier letter small gamma, superscript
02E4 modifier letter reversed glottal stop, superscript
02E5 modifier letter extra-high level tone bar
02E6 modifier letter high level tone bar
02E7 modifier letter mid-level tone bar
02E8 modifier letter low level tone bar
02E9 modifier letter extra-low level tone bar
0300 grave ISODIA grave accent
0301 acute ISODIA acute accent
0302 circ ISODIA circumflex accent
0303 tilde ISODIA tilde
0303 nasalized (non-spacing)
0304 macr ISODIA macron
0306 non-syllabic (non-spacing)
0306 breve ISODIA breve
0307 palatalized (non-spacing)
0307 dot ISODIA dot above
0308 centralized (non-spacing)
0308 die ISODIA dieresis
030A ring ISODIA ring
030B dblac ISODIA double acute accent
030C caron ISODIA caron
030D combining vertical line above
0310 candrabindu (non-spacing)
0311 breve, inverted (non-spacing)

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