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Working Draft 7-Feb-1998

Full STIX Listing by Unicodes

  Unicode      Glyph       SGML     Name                 Description
2111 Ifr ISOMFRK /frak I, upper case I
2111 image ISOAMSO /Im - imaginary
2112 lagran ISOTECH Lagrangian (script capital L)
2112 Lscr ISOMSCR /scr L, script letter L
2113 lscr ISOMSCR /scr l, script letter l
2113 ell ISOAMSO /ell - cursive small l
2115 Nopf ISOMOPF /Bbb N, open face N
2116 numero sign
2117 copysr ISOPUB sound recording copyright sign
2118 weierp ISOAMSO /wp - Weierstrass p
2119 Popf ISOMOPF /Bbb P, open face P
211A Qopf ISOMOPF /Bbb Q, open face Q
211B Rscr ISOMSCR /scr R, script letter R
211C real ISOAMSO /Re - real
211C Rfr ISOMFRK /frak R, upper case R
211D Ropf ISOMOPF /Bbb R, open face R
211E rx ISOPUB pharmaceutical prescription (Rx)
2122 trade ISONUM trade mark sign
2124 Zopf ISOMOPF /Bbb Z, open face Z
2126 ohm ISONUM ohm sign
2127 mho ISOAMSO /mho - conductance
2128 Zfr ISOMFRK /frak Z, upper case Z
2129 iiota ISOAMSO inverted iota
212B angst ISOTECH Angstrom capital A, ring
212C Bscr ISOMSCR /scr B, script letter B
212C bernou ISOTECH Bernoulli function (script capital B)
212D black-letter capital C
212F escr ISOMSCR /scr e, script letter e
2130 Escr ISOMSCR /scr E, script letter E
2131 Fscr ISOMSCR /scr F, script letter F
2132 turned capital F
2133 Mscr ISOMSCR /scr M, script letter M
2133 phmmat ISOTECH physics M-matrix (script capital M)
2134 order ISOTECH order of (script small o)
2134 oscr ISOMSCR /scr o, script letter o
2135 aleph ISOTECH /aleph aleph, Hebrew
2136 beth ISOAMSO /beth - beth, Hebrew
2137 gimel ISOAMSO /gimel - gimel, Hebrew
2138 daleth ISOAMSO /daleth - daleth, Hebrew
2153 frac13 ISOPUB fraction one-third
2154 frac23 ISOPUB fraction two-thirds
2155 frac15 ISOPUB fraction one-fifth
2156 frac25 ISOPUB fraction two-fifths
2157 frac35 ISOPUB fraction three-fifths
2158 frac45 ISOPUB fraction four-fifths
2159 frac16 ISOPUB fraction one-sixth
215A frac56 ISOPUB fraction five-sixths
215B frac18 ISONUM fraction one-eighth
215C frac38 ISONUM fraction three-eighths
215D frac58 ISONUM fraction five-eighths
215E frac78 ISONUM fraction seven-eighths
2190 larr ISONUM /leftarrow /gets A: leftward arrow
2191 uarr ISONUM /uparrow A: upward arrow
2192 rarr ISONUM /rightarrow /to A: rightward arrow
2193 darr ISONUM /downarrow A: downward arrow
2194 harr ISOAMSA /leftrightarrow A: left and right arrow
2195 varr ISOAMSA /updownarrow A: up&down arrow
2196 nwarr ISOAMSA /nwarrow A: NW pointing arrow
2197 nearr ISOAMSA /nearrow A: NE pointing arrow
2198 searr ISOAMSA /searrow A: SE pointing arrow
2199 swarr ISOAMSA /swarrow A: SW pointing arrow
219A nlarr ISOAMSA /nleftarrow A: not left arrow
219B nrarr ISOAMSA /nrightarrow A: not right arrow
219C larrw /leftsquigarrow A: left arrow-wavy

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