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Working Draft 7-Feb-1998

Full STIX Listing by Unicodes

  Unicode      Glyph       SGML     Name                 Description
219D rarrw ISOAMSA /rightsquigarrow A: right arrow-wavy
219E Larr ISOAMSA /twoheadleftarrow A:
219F Uarr ISOAMSA up two-headed arrow
21A0 Rarr ISOAMSA /twoheadrightarrow A:
21A1 Darr ISOAMSA down two-headed arrow
21A2 larrtl ISOAMSA /leftarrowtail A: left arrow-tailed
21A3 rarrtl ISOAMSA /rightarrowtail A: right arrow-tailed
21A4 mapstoleft maps to, leftward
21A5 mapstoup maps to, upward
21A6 map ISOAMSA /mapsto A:
21A7 mapstodown maps to, downward
21A9 larrhk ISOAMSA /hookleftarrow A: left arrow-hooked
21AA rarrhk ISOAMSA /hookrightarrow A: right arrow-hooked
21AB larrlp ISOAMSA /looparrowleft A: left arrow-looped
21AC rarrlp ISOAMSA /looparrowright A: right arrow-looped
21AD harrw ISOAMSA /leftrightsquigarrow A: left and right arr-wavy
21AE nharr ISOAMSA /nleftrightarrow A: not left and right arrow
21B0 lsh ISOAMSA /Lsh A:
21B1 rsh ISOAMSA /Rsh A:
21B2 ldsh ISOAMSA left down angled arrow
21B3 rdsh ISOAMSA right down angled arrow
21B5 downwards arrow with corner leftward = carriage return
21B6 cularr ISOAMSA /curvearrowleft A: left curved arrow
21B7 curarr ISOAMSA /curvearrowright A: right curved arrow
21BA anticlockwise open circle arrow
21BB clockwise open circle arrow
21BC lharu ISOAMSA /leftharpoonup A: left harpoon-up
21BD lhard ISOAMSA /leftharpoondown A: left harpoon-down
21BE uharr ISOAMSA /upharpoonright /restriction A: up harp-right
21BF uharl ISOAMSA /upharpoonleft A: up harpoon-left
21C0 rharu ISOAMSA /rightharpoonup A: right harpoon-up
21C1 rhard ISOAMSA /rightharpoondown A: right harpoon-down
21C2 dharr ISOAMSA /downharpoonright A: down harpoon-rt
21C3 dharl ISOAMSA /downharpoonleft A: down harpoon-left
21C4 rlarr ISOAMSA /rightleftarrows A: right arr over left arr
21C5 udarr ISOAMSA up arrow, down arrow
21C6 lrarr ISOAMSA /leftrightarrows A: left arr over right arr
21C7 llarr ISOAMSA /leftleftarrows A: two left arrows
21C8 uuarr ISOAMSA /upuparrows A: two up arrows
21C9 rrarr ISOAMSA /rightrightarrows A: two right arrows
21CA ddarr ISOAMSA /downdownarrows A: two down arrows
21CB lrhar ISOAMSA /leftrightharpoons A: left harp over right
21CC rlhar ISOAMSA /rightleftharpoons A: right harp over left
21CD nlArr ISOAMSA /nLeftarrow A: not implied by
21CE nhArr ISOAMSA /nLeftrightarrow A: not left and right double arr
21CF nrArr ISOAMSA /nRightarrow A: not implies
21D0 lArr ISOTECH /Leftarrow A: is implied by
21D1 uArr ISOAMSA /Uparrow A: up double arrow
21D2 rArr ISOTECH /Rightarrow A: implies
21D3 dArr ISOAMSA /Downarrow A: down double arrow
21D4 hArr ISOAMSA /Leftrightarrow A: left and right double arrow
21D5 vArr ISOAMSA /Updownarrow A: up&down double arrow
21D6 nwArr ISOAMSA NW pointing double arrow
21D7 neArr ISOAMSA NE pointing double arrow
21D8 seArr ISOAMSA SE pointing double arrow
21D9 swArr ISOAMSA SW pointing double arrow
21DA lAarr ISOAMSA /Lleftarrow A: left triple arrow
21DB rAarr ISOAMSA /Rrightarrow A: right triple arrow
21DC dziglarr left long zig-zag arrow
21DD dzigrarr ISOAMSA right long zig-zag arrow
21E4 leftwards arrow to bar
21E5 rightwards arrow to bar
2200 forall ISOTECH /forall for all
2201 comp ISOAMSO /complement - complement sign

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