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Working Draft 7-Feb-1998

Full STIX Listing by Unicodes

  Unicode      Glyph       SGML     Name                 Description
2202 part ISOTECH /partial partial differential
2203 exist ISOTECH /exists at least one exists
2204 nexist ISOAMSO /nexists - negated exists
2205 emptyv ISOAMSO /varnothing - circle, slash
2206 Laplacian (Delta; nabla^2)
2207 nabla ISOTECH /nabla - del, Hamilton operator
2208 isinv ISOTECH set membership, variant
2209 notin ISOTECH /notin N: negated set membership
220A isin ISOTECH /in R: set membership
220B niv ISOTECH contains, variant
220C notniva ISOTECH negated contains, variant
220D ni ISOTECH /ni /owns R: contains
220E qed end of proof
220F prod ISOAMSB /prod L: product operator
2210 coprod ISOAMSB /coprod L: coproduct operator
2211 sum ISOAMSB /sum L: summation operator
2212 minus ISOTECH B: minus sign
2213 mnplus ISOTECH /mp B: minus-or-plus sign
2214 plusdo ISOAMSB /dotplus B: plus sign, dot above
2215 division slash
2216 setmn ISOAMSB /setminus B: reverse solidus
2217 midast ISOAMSB /ast B: centered asterisk
2218 compfn ISOTECH /circ B: composite function (small circle)
2219 bullet operator
221A radic ISOTECH /surd radical
221D prop ISOTECH /propto R: is proportional to
221E infin ISOTECH /infty infinity
221F angrt ISOTECH right (90 degree) angle
2220 ang ISOAMSO /angle - angle
2221 angmsd ISOAMSO /measuredangle - angle-measured
2222 angsph ISOTECH /sphericalangle angle-spherical
2223 mid ISOAMSR /mid R:
2224 nmid ISOAMSN /nmid - negated mid
2225 par ISOTECH /parallel R: parallel
2226 npar ISOAMSN /nparallel N: not parallel
2227 and ISOTECH /wedge /land B: logical and
2228 or ISOTECH /vee /lor B: logical or
2229 cap ISOTECH /cap B: intersection
222A cup ISOTECH /cup B: union or logical sum
222B int ISOTECH /int L: integral operator
222C Int ISOTECH double integral operator
222D tint ISOTECH /iiint - triple integral operator
222E conint ISOTECH /oint L: contour integral operator
222F Conint ISOTECH double contour integral operator
2230 Cconint ISOTECH triple contour integral operator
2231 cwint ISOTECH clockwise integral
2232 cwconint ISOTECH contour integral, clockwise
2233 awconint ISOTECH contour integral, anti-clockwise
2234 there4 ISOTECH /therefore R: therefore
2235 becaus ISOTECH /because R: because
2236 ratio ISOAMSR ratio
2237 Colon ISOAMSR /Colon, two colons
2238 minusd ISOAMSB /dotminus B: minus sign, dot above
2239 excess excess (-:)
223A mDDot ISOAMSR minus with four dots, geometric properties
223B homtht ISOAMSR homothetic
223C sim ISOTECH /sim R: similar
223D bsim ISOAMSR /backsim R: reverse similar
223E mstpos ISOAMSR most positive [inverted lazy S]
2240 wreath ISOAMSB /wr B: wreath product
2241 nsim ISOAMSN /nsim N: not similar
2242 esim ISOAMSR /eqsim R: equals, similar
2243 sime ISOTECH /simeq R: similar, equals
2244 nsime ISOAMSN /nsimeq N: not similar, equals

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