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Working Draft 7-Feb-1998

Full STIX Listing by Unicodes

  Unicode      Glyph       SGML     Name                 Description
2245 cong ISOTECH /cong R: congruent with
2246 simne ISOAMSN similar, not equals (vert)
2247 ncong ISOAMSN /ncong N: not congruent with
2248 ap ISOTECH /approx R: approximate
2249 nap ISOAMSN /napprox N: not approximate
224A ape ISOAMSR /approxeq R: approximate, equals
224B apid ISOAMSR approximately identical to
224C all equal to (lazy S over equals)
224D asymp ISOAMSR /asymp R: asymptotically equal to
224E bump ISOAMSR /Bumpeq R: bumpy equals
224F bumpe ISOAMSR /bumpeq R: bumpy equals, equals
2250 esdot ISOAMSR /doteq R: equals, single dot above
2251 eDot ISOAMSR /doteqdot /Doteq R: equals, even dots
2252 efDot ISOAMSR /fallingdotseq R: equals, falling dots
2253 erDot ISOAMSR /risingdotseq R: equals, rising dots
2254 colone ISOAMSR /coloneq R: colon, equals
2255 ecolon ISOAMSR /eqcolon R: equals, colon
2256 ecir ISOAMSR /eqcirc R: circle on equals sign
2257 cire ISOAMSR /circeq R: circle, equals
2258 arceq arc, equals; corresponds to
2259 wedgeq ISOTECH /wedgeq R: corresponds to (wedge, equals)
225A veeeq ISOTECH logical or, equals
225B easter ISOAMSR equal, asterisk above
225C trie ISOAMSR /triangleq R: triangle, equals
225D eqdef equals by definition
225E measeq measured by (m over equals)
225F equest ISOAMSR /questeq R: equal with questionmark
2260 ne ISOTECH /ne /neq R: not equal
2261 equiv ISOTECH /equiv R: identical with
2262 nequiv ISOAMSN /nequiv N: not identical with
2263 Equiv strict equivalence (4 lines)
2264 le ISOTECH /leq /le R: less-than-or-equal
2265 ge ISOTECH /geq /ge R: greater-than-or-equal
2266 lE ISOAMSR /leqq R: less, double equals
2267 gE ISOAMSR /geqq R: greater, double equals
2268 lnE ISOAMSN /lneqq N: less, not double equals
2269 gnE ISOAMSN /gneqq N: greater, not double equals
226A much less than, type 2
226B much greater than, type 2
226C twixt ISOAMSR /between R: between
226D nasymp not asymptotically equal to
226E nlt ISOAMSN /nless N: not less-than
226F ngt ISOAMSN /ngtr N: not greater-than
2270 nles ISOAMSN /nleqslant N: not less-or-equals, slant
2271 nges ISOAMSN /ngeqslant N: not gt-or-equals, slanted
2272 lsim ISOAMSR /lesssim R: less, similar
2273 gsim ISOAMSR /gtrsim R: greater, similar
2274 nlsim ISOAMSN not less, similar
2275 ngsim ISOAMSN not greater, similar
2276 lg ISOAMSR /lessgtr R: less, greater
2277 gl ISOAMSR /gtrless R: greater, less
2278 ntvlg ISOAMSN not, vert, less, greater
2279 ntvgl ISOAMSN not, vert, greater, less
227A pr ISOAMSR /prec R: precedes
227B sc ISOAMSR /succ R: succeeds
227C prcue ISOAMSR /preccurlyeq R: precedes, curly equals
227D sccue ISOAMSR /succcurlyeq R: succeeds, curly equals
227E prsim ISOAMSR /precsim R: precedes, similar
227F scsim ISOAMSR /succsim R: succeeds, similar
2280 npr ISOAMSN /nprec N: not precedes
2281 nsc ISOAMSN /nsucc N: not succeeds
2282 sub ISOTECH /subset R: subset or is implied by
2283 sup ISOTECH /supset R: superset or implies
2284 vnsub ISOAMSN /nsubset N: not subset, variant [slash negation]

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