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Working Draft 7-Feb-1998

Full STIX Listing by Unicodes

  Unicode      Glyph       SGML     Name                 Description
22C6 sstarf ISOAMSB /star B: small star, filled, low
22C7 divonx ISOAMSB /divideontimes B: division on times
22C8 bowtie ISOAMSR /bowtie R:
22C9 ltimes ISOAMSB /ltimes B: times sign, left closed
22CA rtimes ISOAMSB /rtimes B: times sign, right closed
22CB lthree ISOAMSB /leftthreetimes B:
22CC rthree ISOAMSB /rightthreetimes B:
22CD bsime ISOAMSR /backsimeq R: reverse similar, equals
22CE cuvee ISOAMSB /curlyvee B: curly logical or
22CF cuwed ISOAMSB /curlywedge B: curly logical and
22D0 Sub ISOAMSR /Subset R: double subset
22D1 Sup ISOAMSR /Supset R: double superset
22D2 Cap ISOAMSB /Cap /doublecap B: double intersection
22D3 Cup ISOAMSB /Cup /doublecup B: double union
22D4 fork ISOAMSR /pitchfork R: pitchfork
22D5 epar ISOTECH parallel, equal; equal or parallel
22D6 ltdot ISOAMSR /lessdot R: less than, with dot
22D7 gtdot ISOAMSR /gtrdot R: greater than, with dot
22D8 Ll ISOAMSR /Ll /lll /llless R: triple less-than
22D9 Gg ISOAMSR /ggg /Gg /gggtr R: triple gtr-than
22DA leg ISOAMSR /lesseqgtr R: less, equals, greater
22DB gel ISOAMSR /gtreqless R: greater, equals, less
22DC el ISOAMSR equal-or-less
22DD eg ISOAMSR equal-or-greater
22DE cuepr ISOAMSR /curlyeqprec R: curly equals, precedes
22DF cuesc ISOAMSR /curlyeqsucc R: curly equals, succeeds
22E0 nprcue ISOAMSN not precedes, curly equals
22E1 nsccue ISOAMSN not succeeds, curly equals
22E2 nsqsube ISOAMSN not, square subset, equals
22E3 nsqsupe ISOAMSN not, square superset, equals
22E4 sqsubne square subset, not equals
22E5 sqsupne square superset, not equals
22E6 lnsim ISOAMSN /lnsim N: less, not similar
22E7 gnsim ISOAMSN /gnsim N: greater, not similar
22E8 prnsim ISOAMSN /precnsim N: precedes, not similar
22E9 scnsim ISOAMSN /succnsim N: succeeds, not similar
22EA nltri ISOAMSN /ntriangleleft N: not left triangle
22EB nrtri ISOAMSN /ntriangleright N: not right triangle
22EC nltrie ISOAMSN /ntrianglelefteq N: not left triangle, equals
22ED nrtrie ISOAMSN /ntrianglerighteq N: not right triangle, equals
22EE vellip ISOPUB vertical ellipsis
22EF ctdot ISOTECH /cdots, three dots, centered
22F0 utdot ISOTECH three dots, ascending
22F1 dtdot ISOTECH /ddots, three dots, descending
2300 diameter sign
2305 barwed ISOAMSB /barwedge B: logical and, bar above [projective (bar over small wedge)]
2306 Barwed ISOAMSB /doublebarwedge B: logical and, double bar above [perspective (double bar over small wedge)]
2308 lceil ISOAMSC /lceil O: left ceiling
2309 rceil ISOAMSC /rceil C: right ceiling
230A lfloor ISOAMSC /lfloor O: left floor
230B rfloor ISOAMSC /rfloor C: right floor
230C drcrop ISOPUB downward right crop mark
230D dlcrop ISOPUB downward left crop mark
230E urcrop ISOPUB upward right crop mark
230F ulcrop ISOPUB upward left crop mark
2310 bnot ISOTECH reverse not
2311 square lozenge
2312 profline ISOTECH profile of a line
2313 profsurf ISOTECH profile of a surface
2315 telrec ISOPUB telephone recorder symbol
2316 target ISOPUB register mark or target; position
2318 cloverleaf [command key]
231A watch icon
231C ulcorn ISOAMSC /ulcorner O: upper left corner

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