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Working Draft 7-Feb-1998

Full STIX Listing by Unicodes

  Unicode      Glyph       SGML     Name                 Description
231D urcorn ISOAMSC /urcorner C: upper right corner
231E dlcorn ISOAMSC /llcorner O: lower left corner
231F drcorn ISOAMSC /lrcorner C: lower right corner
2322 frown ISOAMSR /frown R: down curve
2323 smile ISOAMSR /smile R: up curve
2329 lang ISOTECH /langle O: left angle bracket
232A rang ISOTECH /rangle C: right angle bracket
232D cylcty ISOTECH cylindricity
232E profalar ISOTECH all-around profile
2336 topbot ISOTECH top and bottom
233F solbar ISOAMSN solidus, bar through
2423 space indicator
24C8 oS ISOAMSO /circledS - capital S in circle
2580 uhblk ISOPUB upper half block
2584 lhblk ISOPUB lower half block
2588 block ISOPUB full block
2591 blk14 ISOPUB 25% shaded block
2592 blk12 ISOPUB 50% shaded block
2593 blk34 ISOPUB 75% shaded block
25A0 squarf ISOTECH /blacksquare - square, filled
25A0 squarf ISOPUB square, filled
25A1 square ISOPUB square, open
25A1 square ISOTECH /square - square
25A1 squ ISOPUB* square, open
25A4 square, horizontal rule filled
25A5 square, vertical rule filled
25A7 square, nw-to-se rule filled
25A8 square, ne-to-sw rule filled
25A9 square with diagonal crosshatch fill
25AA squf ISOPUB* /blacksquare - sq bullet, filled
25AB white small square
25AD horizontal rectangle, open
25AE black vertical rectangle
25AF rect ISOPUB rectangle, open (vertical)
25B1 parallelogram, open
25B2 black up-pointing triangle
25B3 xutri ISOAMSB /bigtriangleup B: big up triangle, open
25B4 utrif ISOPUB /blacktriangle - up triangle, filled
25B5 utri ISOPUB /triangle - up triangle, open
25B6 vrtrif (large) right triangle, filled
25B7 (large) right triangle, open
25B8 rtrif ISOPUB /blacktriangleright R: right triangle, filled
25B9 rtri ISOPUB /triangleright B: right triangle, open
25BC big down triangle, filled
25BD xdtri ISOAMSB /bigtriangledown B: big down triangle, open
25BE dtrif ISOPUB /blacktriangledown - down triangle, filled
25BF dtri ISOPUB /triangledown - down triangle, open
25C0 vltrif (large) left triangle, filled
25C1 (large) left triangle, open
25C2 ltrif ISOPUB /blacktriangleleft R: left triangle, filled
25C3 ltri ISOPUB /triangleleft B: left triangle, open
25C6 black diamond
25C7 white diamond
25CA loz ISOPUB /lozenge - lozenge or total mark
25CA diamond ISOPUB diamond, open
25CB xcirc ISOAMSB /bigcirc B: large circle
25CF circlef ISOPUB circle, filled
25D0 circlefl ISOPUB circle, filled left half [Harvey ball]
25D1 circlefr ISOPUB circle, filled right half
25D2 circlefb ISOPUB circle, filled bottom half
25D3 circleft ISOPUB circle, filled top half
25D8 inverse bullet
25E2 lrtrif lower right triangle, filled
25E4 ultrif upper left triangle, filled

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