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Working Draft 7-Feb-1998

Full STIX Listing by Unicodes

  Unicode      Glyph       SGML     Name                 Description
E34E suphsol ISOAMSR superset, solidus
E34F subedot ISOAMSR subset, equals, dot
E350 supedot ISOAMSR superset, equals, dot
E351 csub ISOAMSR subset, closed
E352 csup ISOAMSR superset, closed
E353 csube ISOAMSR subset, closed, equals
E354 csupe ISOAMSR superset, closed, equals
E355 ltcc ISOAMSR less than, closed by curve
E356 gtcc ISOAMSR greater than, closed by curve
E357 lescc ISOAMSR less than, closed by curve, equal, slanted
E358 gescc ISOAMSR greater than, closed by curve, equal, slanted
E359 rtriltri ISOAMSR right triangle above left triangle
E35A prE ISOAMSR precedes, double equals
E35B scE ISOAMSR succeeds, double equals
E35C Pr ISOAMSR double precedes
E35D Sc ISOAMSR double succeeds
E35E ltlarr ISOAMSR less than, left arrow
E35F gtrarr ISOAMSR greater than, right arrow
E360 gammad ISOGRK3 /digamma - digamma, old Greek
E361 circle ISOPUB circle, open [small circle]
E363 bottom ISOTECH /bot - bottom
E364 fnof ISOTECH function of (italic small f)
E365 iff ISOTECH /iff if and only if
E36A lowast ISOTECH low asterisk
E36D notni ISOTECH negated contains
E36E andand ISOTECH two logical and
E36F oror ISOTECH two logical or
E370 notinva ISOTECH negated set membership, variant
E371 qprime ISOTECH quadruple prime
E372 iinfin ISOTECH infinity sign, incomplete
E373 vangrt ISOTECH right angle, variant (with arc)
E374 And ISOTECH double logical and
E375 Or ISOTECH double logical or
E376 pointint ISOTECH integral around a point operator
E377 quatint ISOTECH quaternion integral operator
E378 qint ISOTECH /iiiint - quadruple integral operator
E379 lopar ISOTECH left open parenthesis
E37A ropar ISOTECH right open parenthesis
E37B notinvb ISOTECH negated set membership, variant
E37C notinvc ISOTECH negated set membership, variant
E37D notnivb ISOTECH contains, variant
E37E notnivc ISOTECH contains, variant
E37F imped ISOTECH impedance
E380 strns ISOTECH straightness
E381 fltns ISOTECH flatness
E382 parsl ISOTECH parallel, slanted
E383 topcir ISOTECH top, circle below
E384 eparsl ISOTECH parallel, slanted, equal; homothetically congruent to
E385 smeparsl ISOTECH similar, parallel, slanted, equal
E386 eqvparsl ISOTECH equivalent, equal; congruent and parallel
E387 bnequiv ISOTECH reverse not equivalent
E388 bne ISOTECH reverse not equal
E389 nparsl ISOTECH not parallel, slanted
E38A nedot ISOTECH not equal, dot
E38B simdot ISOTECH similar, dot
E38C apacir ISOTECH approximate, circumflex accent
E38D nhpar ISOTECH not, horizontal, parallel
E38E nvinfin ISOTECH not, vert, infinity
E38F infintie ISOTECH tie, infinity
E390 npart ISOTECH not partial differential
E391 andv ISOTECH and with middle stem
E392 orv ISOTECH or with middle stem
E393 ord ISOTECH or, horizontal dash
E394 andd ISOTECH and, horizontal dash

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