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Working Draft 7-Feb-1998

Full STIX Listing by Unicodes

  Unicode      Glyph       SGML     Name                 Description
E395 cirfnint ISOTECH circulation function
E396 fpartint ISOTECH finite part integral
E397 rppolint ISOTECH line integration, rectangular path around pole
E398 scpolint ISOTECH line integration, semi-circular path around pole
E399 npolint ISOTECH line integration, not including the pole
E39A intlarhk ISOTECH integral, left arrow with hook
E39B awint ISOTECH anti clock-wise integration
E39C isindot ISOTECH set membership, dot above
E39D notindot ISOTECH negated set membership, dot above
E39E isinE ISOTECH set membership, two horizontal strokes
E39F notinE ISOTECH negated set membership, two horizontal strokes
E3A0 disin ISOTECH set membership, long horizontal stroke
E3A1 nisd ISOTECH contains, long horizontal stroke
E3A2 isinsv ISOTECH large set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
E3A3 xnis ISOTECH large contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
E3A4 isins ISOTECH set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
E3A5 nis ISOTECH contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
E3A6 acd ISOTECH ac current
E3A7 elinters ISOTECH electrical intersection
E3A8 olcross ISOTECH circle, cross
E3A9 dsol ISOTECH solidus, bar above
E3AA dwangle ISOTECH large downward pointing angle
E3AB uwangle ISOTECH large upward pointing angle
E3AC Not ISOTECH not with two horizontal strokes
E3AD bNot ISOTECH reverse not with two horizontal strokes
E3AE orslope ISOTECH sloping large or
E3AF andslope ISOTECH sloping large and
E3B0 veebar ISOAMSB /veebar B: logical or, bar below
E3B1 cir ISOPUB* /circ B: circle, open
E3B2 fjlig ISOPUB small fj ligature
E3B3 marker ISOPUB histogram marker
E3B4 mldr ISOPUB em leader
E3B5 sext ISOPUB sextile (6-pointed star)
E3B6 Dot ISOTECH dieresis or umlaut mark
E3B7 barV double vert, bar over
E3B8 isinvb set membership, bar under
E3B9 lltrif lower left triangle, filled
E3BC notins negated (slash) set membership
E3BD nvgsim not, vert, greater, similar
E3BE nvlsim not, vert, less, similar
E3C0 rsolbar reversed solidus, bar through
E3C2 urtrif upper right triangle, filled
E3C3 varrb up and down arrow, bar under
E3C4 vDdash vertical, triple dash; ordinarily satisfies
E3C7 angle (acute), inverted
E3C8 increases as; wedge over bar
E3C9 congruence sign (lazy S)
E3CA and, with dot
E3CB or, with dot
E3CC Latin letter small alpha
E3CD velarized voiced alveolar lateral approximant
E3CE modifier letter small h turned, superscript
E3CF modifier letter small a (one-story) turned, superscript
E3D0 voiced labialized dental or alveolar fricative (obsolete)
E3D1 velar implosive
E3D2 small square, filled (square bullet)
E3D3 integral, average (slashed)
E3D4 barvee ISOAMSB not or (bar over small vee)
E3D5 /vert - vertical bar, absolute value
E402 lbarr ISOAMSA left broken arrow
E407 ac ISOAMSB most positive
E409 olcir ISOAMSB large circle in circle
E415 nvsim ISOAMSN not, vert, similar
E41A bemptyv ISOAMSO reversed circle, slash

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