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D94A⪴succeeds, dbl equals
21B4bns⪺succnapprox N: succeeds, not approx⪺succeeds, not approx⪺
21D5bnt⪶succneqq N: succeeds, not dbl eq⪶succeeds, not dbl eq⪶
DB77⨓line integration, semi-circular path around pole
D94B⩦equal, dot below
EF3Dbcj↘searrow A: SE pointing arrow↘
D9DC⇘SE pointing dbl arrow
D9DDbb3⤩tosa A: SE & SW arrows⤩
𝔖Fraktur upper case s
𝔰Fraktur lower case s
21A6⌢smallfrown R: small down curve⌢small down curve
DB78⩪similar, dot
D94Cbmh⪞similar, greater⪞
D94D⪠similar, greater, equal
D94Ebkh⪝similar, less⪝
D94F⪟similar, less, equal
EBB7brz≆similar, not equals&z.simne;
DBE4⨤plus, similar above
2236⥲similar, right arrow below
D9DE←short left arrow
DBE5⨳smash product
DB79⧤similar, parallel, slanted, equal
21A7∣shortmid R:∣shortmid R:
D950⪪smaller than
D951⪬smaller than or equal
D952⪬︀smaller than or equal, slanted
DBE6⧄solidus in square
EEC8⌿solidus, bar through
𝕊open face S
2176∥shortparallel R: short parallel∥short parallel
DBE7⊓︀square intersection, serifs
DBE8⊔︀square union, serifs
2223bfo▪blacksquare, square, filled▪
D9DF→short right arrow
EE3C∖smallsetminus B: sm reverse solidus∖sm reverse solidus
21A5⌣smallsmile R: small up curve⌣small up curve
EB33⪽subset, with dot
215Cbog⫅subseteqq R: subset, dbl equals⫅subset, dbl equals⫅
D953⫃subset, equals, dot
D954⫁subset, multiply
21C5bpd⊊subsetneq N: subset, not equals⊊subset, not equals⊊
D955⪿subset, plus
D956⥹subset, right arrow
D957⫇subset, similar
D958⫕subset above subset
D959⫓subset above superset
DBE9⪾superset, with dot
D95A⫘superset, subset, dash joining them
215Dbqg⫆supseteqq R: superset, dbl equals⫆superset, dbl equals⫆
D95B⫄superset, equals, dot
D95C⟉superset, solidus
D95D⫗superset, subset
D95E⥻superset, left arrow
D95F⫂superset, multiply
21C6brd⊋supsetneq N: superset, not equals⊋superset, not equals⊋
D960⫀superset, plus
D961⫈superset, similar
D962⫔superset above subset
D963⫖superset above superset
D9E0bba⤦hkswarow A: SW arrow-hooked⤦
EF3Fbcl↙swarrow A: SW pointing arrow↙
D9E1⇙SW pointing dbl arrow
D9E2bb4⤪SW & NW arrows⤪
2F31⎴top square bracket
𝔗Fraktur upper case t
𝔱Fraktur lower case t
DBEA⨱multiply sign, bar below
DBEB⨰times, dot
EB59∭iiint triple integral operator
EED3⌶top and bottom
DB7A⫱top, circle below
𝕋open face T
D964⫚fork with top
DBEC◬dot in triangle
DBED⨺minus in triangle
DBEE⨹plus in triangle
DBEF⧍triangle, serifs at bottom
DBF0⨻multiply in triangle
D9E3↟up two-headed arrow
D9E4⥉up two-headed arrow above circle
EB2Ebcm⇅up arrow, down arrow&z.udarr;
D9E5bc2⥮up harp, down harp&z.udhar2;
D9E6⥾up fish tail
𝔘Fraktur upper case u
𝔲Fraktur lower case u
D9E7⥣up harpoon-left, up harpoon-right