AMS 125th Anniversary Open House

AMS members and staff celebrated the Society's 125th anniversary at an Open House held at AMS headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island on November 14, 2013. Graduate students and long-time AMS members alike came from Rhode Island colleges and universities to celebrate, meet staff, tour the building, learn the latest about the Society's programs, and enjoy food, refreshments, music, and, of course, birthday cake.

AMS 125th Open House

A slideshow of the festivities.

AMS founder "Thomas Fiske" (aka AMS Public Awareness Officer Mike Breen) welcomed visitors, and Kim Kuda (who works in the AMS Sales & Member Services department) introduced members of the Providence Gay Men's Chorus and led them and the gathering in the singing of a song written by the students of Columbia College in tribute to John Howard Van Amringe, their dean and first president of the AMS (words below).

AMS president David Vogan thanked everyone for coming, and after a rousing Happy Birthday song (concluding with the number of seconds in 125 years), executive director Don McClure cut the cake.

Words to the song in honor of Van Amringe, the Society's first president:

D'ye ken Van Am with his snowy hair,
D'ye ken Van Am with his whiskers rare,
D'ye ken Van Am with his martial air,
As he crosses the quad in the morning?

The sight of Van Am raised my hat from my head.
And the sound of his voice often filled me with dread.
Oh, I shook in my boots at the things that he said
When he asked me to call in the morning.

Yes, I ken'd Van Am, to my sorrow, too,
When I was a freshman of verdant hue.
First a cut, then a bar, then an interview
With the Dean in his den in the morning.

But we love Van Am from our heart and soul,
Let's drink to his health! Let's finish the bowl!
We'll swear by Van Am through fair and through foul,
And wish him the top o' the morning.

D'ye ken Van Am with his fine old way.
The Dean of Columbia for many a day?
Long may he live and long may he stay
Where his voice may be heard in the morning.

Thanks to all the Society's members, leaders, supporters and staff past and present for their commitment and collegiality. Here's to many future celebrations!

--- Annette Emerson, AMS Public Awareness Officer

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