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AMS Login Accounts Explained
Primary Web Account Username/Password Login

The primary web account login is intended for individual customers for their own personal use. Individual customers are required to log in to this account when:

  • purchasing merchandise from the online bookstore
  • registering online for meetings
  • submitting a review to Mathematical Reviews®
  • applying for or renewing AMS membership
  • making a monetary donation
  • maintaining their customer information (name, address, etc.)

It is important to note that the primary web account login is NOT intended for use by institutions, companies, agents, booksellers, etc..

Individual customers SHOULD NOT create a primary web account login for the intended use of an institution, company, agent, bookseller, etc . . .

Other AMS Username/Password Logins

To access online subscription products
This is rare but some subscribers are granted a special username/password to access to their purchased online subscription product. Access to online subscription products is typically granted by other means through the users institution.
To access subscription products usage statistics
Institutions that purchase AMS online subscription products are given a special username/password to access their COUNTER-compliant usage statistics reports.