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November 1997 ECBT Minutes


			     NOVEMBER 14-15, 1997


A joint meeting of the Executive Committee of the Council (EC) and the Board of 
Trustees (BT) was held November 14-15, 1997 at the AMS Headquarters in 
Providence, Rhode Island.  The following members of the ECBT were present: 
Roy L. Adler, Hyman Bass, Michael G. Crandall, Robert M. Fossum, Arthur M. 
Jaffe, Andy R. Magid, Donald E. McClure, Cathleen Synge Morawetz, Andrew 
M. Odlyzko, Franklin P. Peterson, Marc A. Rieffel, and B. A. Taylor.  The 
following members of the ECBT were unable to attend:  John B. Conway and 
Steven G. Krantz.  Also present were: Donald G. Babbitt (Publisher), Gary G. 
Brownell (Associate Executive Director [AED]), John H. Ewing (Executive 
Director [ED]), R. Keith Dennis (Executive Editor, Mathematical Reviews), Ellen 
H. Heiser (Assistant to the ED [and recording secretary]), James W. Maxwell 
(AED), Constance W. Pass (Controller), and Samuel M. Rankin (AED).

President Jaffe and Board Chair Bass presided.

Items occur in numerical order, which is not necessarily the order in which they 
were discussed at the meeting.


1I.1	Secretariat Business by Mail.  Att. #8.

Minutes of the Secretariat business by mail during the months April 1997 - 
September 1997 are attached (#8).


2.1	Report on Committee on Education (COE).  Att. #24.

The ECBT received the attached summary (#24) of the September 26-27, 1997 
COE meeting.

2.2	Report on Committee on Meetings and Conferences (COMC).  Att. #10.

COMC met on September 20 in Chicago.  The ECBT received the attached 
interim report from the Chair, Joel Spencer (#10).  It was mentioned that COMC 
had endorsed assigning a high priority to the development of a system for 
putting abstracts on the Web in a timely fashion, and an investigation of 
feasibility/costs had begun (see item 2.24).

2.3	Report on the Committee on the Profession (CoProf).

It was reported that CoProf had decided not to hold a face-to-face meeting this 
fall. The Committee has been conducting its business by mail, and there were no 
action items to present to the ECBT at this time.

2.4	Report on Committee on Publications (CPub).  Att. #1.

The ECBT received a summary of the October 18, 1997 Cpub meeting (Att. #1).  
Matters that required action by the ECBT can be found in items 2.10, 2.11, and 

2.5	Report on Committee on Science Policy (CSP).

It was reported that CSP will next meet April 3-4, 1998.  Science policy
activities since their last meeting (in April 1997) are reported in items 2.15
and 2.16.

2.6	Report on Mathematical Reviews Editorial Committee (MREC).  Att. 

The ECBT received the attached summary of the September 24-25, 1997 MREC 
(Att. #13).

2.7	Report on the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Meeting.

The LRPC met on November 14, 1997.  Andrew Odlyzko, who acted as Chair of 
LRPC for this meeting in the absence of Steve Krantz, reported that the LRPC 
made the following recommendations to the ECBT:

	Analysis of the Economic Stabilization Fund for the next 15 years 
suggests that it is sufficient to meet the needs of the Society, 
provided we allow it to grow by appreciation and by reinvesting a 
portion of the investment income.


	1.  The LRPC recommends that the Society budget positive 
operating income each year in the low range ($100,000 - 

	2.  The LRPC recommends that if the Board of Trustees believes 
that long term investment income in a given year is in excess of 
the year's expected needs for the Economic Stabilization Fund, 
then part of this excess may be considered for funding special 
projects of short duration and moderate cost.  LRPC asks the staff 
to develop ways to generate, develop, and prioritize proposals for 
such funding.

Regarding the first recommendation above, the BT agreed that the Society 
should budget positive operating income each year in the low range.  The 
Treasurer and Associate Treasurer will define "low range" each year and advise 
the Executive Director accordingly.

The second recommendation was approved by the ECBT.

2.8	Change in Eligibility for Nominee Membership.  Att. #12.

The ECBT voted to recommend the proposal outlined in Att. #12 to the January 
1998 Council for approval, with the following change:  the words "in the 
department" should be deleted from the penultimate line of the first paragraph.

2.9	Institutional Membership Expansion.  Att. #9.

Institutions outside North America are currently ineligible for institutional 
membership.  There are periodic calls from mathematicians at these institutions 
for the AMS to extend eligibility for institutional membership to educational 
institutions worldwide.  The ECBT discussed the propsal presented in Att. #9 
and voted to recommend it to the January 1998 Council for approval.

2.10	Bulletin Proposal.  Att. #2.

The Committee on Publications (CPub) met on October 18, 1997 and finalized the
attached proposal (#2) that will go to the January 1998 Council. The ECBT was
asked whether it wished to endorse the proposal.  The ECBT voted to endorse the
proposal, with the recommendation that the word “slightly” be deleted
from recommendation 2.

2.11	Ownership Rights for Electronic Journals.

The Committee on Publications (CPub) will recommend the following policy 
statement concerning ownership rights for subscribers to AMS electronic 
journals to the January 1998 Council for approval:

	Subscribers to AMS electronic journals should have similar 
ownership rights and privileges as subscribers of paper journals in 
the past.  In particular, subscribers should own the present 
electronic version, subject to the usual restrictions placed on 
ownership by copyright law.

CPub requested that the ECBT endorse this policy.

The ECBT voted to endorse the statement, but suggested that CPub consider 
rewording it as follows:

	Subscribers to the electronic versions of AMS journals should have 
ownership rights and privileges similar to subscribers of paper 
journals.  In particular, subscribers should own the present 
electronic version, subject to the usual restrictions placed on 
ownership by copyright law.

2.12	New Undergraduate Series.  Att. #4.

The ECBT approved the attached proposal (#4) to create a new undergraduate book
series.  It was noted that Cpub had reviewed and endorsed this proposal at
their October meeting.  It was also noted that the only up-front expenses will
be in-house and will consist of the creation of a series style file and
promotion in the Notices launching the series.  Revenues and expenses will be
structurally the same as for other authored book series.

2.13	Report on MathSciNet Mirror Sites.  Att. #7.

It was reported that mirror sites at Strasbourg, Bielefeld, the
Max-Planck-Institut in Bonn, and Rice University in Houston are active.
Negotiations with Australia and England are continuing; it is unknown at this
time whether these negotiations will come to fruition.  Att. #7 contains
statistics on usage at different sites.

For information.

2.14	Report on MathSciNet Consortia.

The ECBT received a report on the status of consortial subscriptions and a more 
detailed description of the MSN consortium model.

For information.

2.15	Washington Office Report.  Att. #25.

During the last six months Washington Office staff have been increasingly 
involved in monitoring and reporting Congressional deliberations during the 
budget appropriations process for fiscal year 1998.  Whether alone or in 
conjunction with other societies, promoting involvement by mathematicians in 
the process resulted in increased visibility for mathematics on Capitol Hill.  
Details can be found in Att. #25.

For information.

2.16	Report from President.  Att. #26.

President Arthur Jaffe reported on his science policy activities during the
past several months.  A written report that includes several recent policy
statements, and the unified statement signed by over 100 society presidents, is
attached (#26).

For information.

2.17	AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program.  Att. #23.

Two mathematics graduate students received summer stipends as American
Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Mass Media Fellows in 1997:
Elizabeth Veomett (Oregon State University) and Ben Stein (University of
Massachusetts, Amherst).  Veomett was assigned to Business Week magazine in New
York, and Stein was assigned to National Geographic TV in Washington, DC.  From
all accounts each has had an enjoyable and fruitful experience.  Both have high
praises for the program and very much appreciate AMS support.  Reports from the
Fellows on their assignments can be found in Att. #23; an article in a future
issue of Notices is being prepared.

The ECBT approved funding in the amount of $7,500 (from Program 
Development Funds) for AMS participation in next year's (1998) AAAS Mass 
Media Science and Engineering Fellows program.

2.18	Department Chairs Workshop, January 1998.  Att. #22.

The 5/97 ECBT approved this workshop, which will be held immediately before 
the Baltimore meeting and organized by the Washington Office.  Invitations are 
being sent to chairs of doctorate-granting departments and it is hoped that 
around twenty-five will register.  A preliminary program can be found in Att. 

For information.

2.19	Grant for Preparation of Timelines.  Att. #15.

As part of a general response to the Government Performance and Results Act, 
the National Science Foundation is placing an increased emphasis on outcomes, 
returns on investment, and accountability.  There is a desire to find and single 
out specific breakthroughs in individual programs, as well as in individual 
projects.  There is also a desire to draw connections between the supported 
research and service to society - today.

Basic research, especially in mathematics, does not fare well in this setting.  
While there ARE specific results each year that might be considered 
breakthroughs, or that might have immediate applications, in most areas (and 
certainly in most projects) one cannot point to such specific results.  The time-
scale of mathematics is longer than a single project or a few years of supported 

The AMS has been invited to submit a proposal to put together timelines tracing
breakthroughs or applications over longer periods of time - 20, 30, or even 50
years long.  The proposal will be relatively modest, involving a few such
timelines in each of the next three years.  While the proposal itself has not
been written, a brief description and outline of the proposal is contained in
Att. #15.  The ECBT approved proceeding with the preparation and submission of
a proposal along these lines.

2.20	Grant for Conference to Support REU Programs.  Att. #16.

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs have been 
supported by the National Science Foundation (and the National Security 
Agency) for a number of years.  These programs attract some of the most 
talented undergraduate students in mathematics, and over the years they have 
served to channel many excellent mathematicians into graduate schools.  More 
recently, REU programs have been used effectively to attract underrepresented 
minorities into mathematics.

There is great variation in such programs, however, and little communication 
between those who are involved in running them.  The AMS has been asked to 
submit a proposal for organizing a conference of mathematicians who are 
currently involved in running REU programs.  The aim of the conference is to 
share experiences, to gather data on successes, and to formulate guidelines for 
programs in the future.

These are programs that are aimed at encouraging more undergraduates into 
mathematics, targeting our most talented students.  Supporting such programs 
seems to be ideally suited to the AMS.

An outline of a proposal is contained in Att. #16, along with a list of current
REU programs.  Costs to the Society will be relatively small, mainly involving
staff support for the conference and its planning.

The ECBT approved the proposal in principle.

2.21	Working Group on Public Awareness.  Att. #20.

A report on the Working Group on Public Awareness and its activities is
contained in Att. #20.  Because it continues to operate as a new activity (in
its second year) during 1998, a request was made to use approximately $5,000
from Program Development Funds for special projects.  The ECBT approved this
request.  It was noted that this money will be used only with the joint
approval of the Chair of the Working Group and the Executive Director.  (The
Working Group has not yet expended any funds, but almost surely will do so in
the coming year.)

2.22	Joint Minority Program.  Att. #19.

The joint office was supposed to be staffed by the middle of 1997.  Because the
MAA could not contribute its share of funds ($65,000) for the current year, and
quite likely for next year as well, plans for the office were suspended.  At a
meeting in June, a group of representatives from the AMS, MAA, and National
Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), as well as the American Indian
Science and Engineering Society (AISES), Benjamin Banneker Association,
National Association of Mathematicians (NAM), and Society for the Advancement
of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS), met in Washington and
recommended that the joint office be scaled down to accommodate the change in

The concept paper arising from that meeting is contained in Att. #19.  In 
particular, the paper recommends that the office be staffed by a half-time 
director, who would operate from a home institution rather than a Washington 

After considerable discussion over the summer, it was agreed to proceed with 
the search for a part-time director.  The new budget for the office will be 
determined in part by the results of that search.  In any case, the maximum 
contribution from the AMS and NCTM will be $65,000 each.

The search for a director was to begin early in the fall.  At that time,
changes in personnel at NCTM interrupted the process once again, and there is
still some question about NCTM's commitment to proceed with the office.

If the plan proceeds, it is anticipated that the director will begin work at
the start of 1998.

The Executive Director made two requests:

  If the plan is not implemented by early 1998, up to half of the allocated
funds may be used to work on special projects aimed at increasing
representation of underrepresented minorities in mathematics.  Any such
expenditures will be reported to the Board at its next meeting.
  Because this is a new activity in 1998, $15,000 of the necessary operating 
funds for the office come from the Program Development Fund.

The ECBT approved these requests.

2.23	Joint Meetings Contract.

Because the AMS no longer participates in a joint summer meeting, the contract 
that governed joint meetings between the AMS and MAA had to be revised.  The 
process has been ongoing for a number of months.  Early in the summer, new 
contracts - one for the meeting and one for the exhibits - were prepared by AMS 
staff.  All parties have now reached (almost) final agreement and expect to sign 
the contracts in November.

The new contract is supposed to capture what has become standard practice in 
holding meetings, with few exceptions.  Activities that are held by or for the 
benefit of only one society are paid for separately from the joint meeting.  All 
other activities are attributed to the joint meeting, and profit/loss is shared 
evenly between the two organizations.

For information.

2.24	Abstracts on e-MATH.

At the September meeting of the Committee on Meetings and Conferences, members
of the Committee urged staff to find a mechanism for making abstracts available
electronically in advance of each meeting.  Publishing abstracts for each
special session would allow people to plan in advance of meetings, or even to
decide whether to attend the meeting.

By making abstracts freely available on e-MATH, the slight loss incurred on
Abstracts is likely to increase.  On the other hand, a service will be provided
to those who attend meetings.

The ECBT had no objection to staff investigating costs for implementing the new 
service, with the intention of implementing the service with modest effort.

2.25	Pi Mu Epsilon Prize.  Att. #27.

In 1989, in honor of Pi Mu Epsilon's seventy-fifth anniversary, the AMS Council
established "an annual prize to be administered by Pi Mu Epsilon with the
stipulation that the name of the AMS be associated with the prize."  The 11/88
BT authorized the allocation of up to $1,000 annually to fund the prize.  The
resolutions were ambiguous, and some of the participants decided that the award
was a grant made by the AMS to Pi Mu Epsilon (PME) each year.  Payment has not
been made promptly, nor have the required acknowledgments.

Att. #27 provides some background and two explicit recommendations, which 
were approved by the ECBT.

2.26	March 1998 Agenda and Budget Committee Meeting.

The Executive Director requested that the date of the next ABC meeting be 
changed from March 21, 1998, to March 14, 1998, because of a conflict for the 
Associate Treasurer.  The meeting would still be held in Providence.  (In 1998, 
the members of the ABC will be:  Fossum, Jaffe, Krantz, McClure, Peterson, and 

The ABC decided to discuss this matter privately and later decided that the 
meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 25, 1998, in Providence.

2.27  	Motions of the Secretary.

The following motion was approved by acclamation:

	The Executive Committee and Board of Trustees of the American 
Mathematical Society record their thanks to Marc A. Rieffel for his 
service to the Society as a member of the Executive Committee 
during the past four years.  They express the hope that Professor 
Rieffel will continue to be able to serve the Society in other ways.

The Secretary was asked to convey the ECBT’s congratulations to the American 
Association for the Advancement of Science on the occasion of AAAS’s 150th 
anniversary, which will be celebrated at its annual meeting in February 1998.


2C.1	Special MathSci Disc Price for Certain Developing Countries.

For the 1997 subscription year, institutions in the former Soviet Union, Eastern 
Europe, Peoples Republic of China, Cuba and Africa (excluding South Africa) 
were eligible to purchase MathSci Discs at half of the list prices for each of the 
three discs, provided they had paid 60% of a Data Access Fee (DAF) for 1997.  
The ECBT approved the staff’s recommendation that this provision remain the 
same for 1998.

2C.2	May 1997 ECBT Meeting.

The ECBT approved the minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee and 
Board of Trustees held May 9-10, 1997, in Providence, Rhode Island.  These 
minutes include:

  ECBT open and executive session minutes prepared by the Secretary of the 
  BT closed executive session minutes prepared by the Secretary of the Board.


2I.1	Report on e-MATH.  Att. #5.

A report on e-MATH is attached (#5).

2I.2	Report on Mathematician's CD-ROM.  Att. #3.

A report on the production of The Mathematician's CD: A Collection of Resources 
from the AMS is attached (#3).

2I.3	Adjuncts Conference.  Att. #11.

A conference sponsored by a number of professional societies and collegiate 
associations was held the weekend of September 26-28 in Washington, DC.  ED 
Ewing participated in planning discussions for the conference beginning in 1996.  
The AMS was represented at the conference by Professor Annalisa Crannell, a 
member of the Committee on the Profession and its Employment Subcommittee, 
and AED Maxwell.  Several other volunteers were invited by the AMS but were 
unable to participate.  Mr. Roman Czujko, Manager of the Education and 
Employment Statistics Department of the American Institute of Physics, 
participated on Saturday at the invitation of the AMS. Att. #11 presents a brief 
summary of the outcome of the conference, along with a copy of the 
preregistered conference participants and a program.

2I.4	Status of International Congress of Mathematicians 1998 (ICM98) Travel 

As of mid-October, 110 applications from U.S.  mathematicians for support to 
attend ICM98 have been received.  Processing is going smoothly.  The final 
number of applicants, is expected to be between 200 and 300.  Proposals for 
support have been submitted to the National Science Foundation and the 
National Security Agency.  NSF expects to make an award soon.  The review 
panel is currently being appointed.  It is expected that the award 
recommendations will be made by the panel without a face-to-face meeting.  
Steve Smith is chairing the panel.

2I.5	Employment and the U.S. Mathematics Doctorate:  Connections with 
	Nontraditional Opportunities.  Att. #21.

A report by Linda Thiel, Project Director on this grant-funded activity, can be 
found in Att. #21.

2I.6	AMS-MER-SIAM Workshop on Professional Master's Degrees.

A funding proposal was submitted to NSF in March requesting support for two 
workshops on professional master's degree programs.  These workshops are 
designed to provide a venue for departments to become well-informed about 
recommendations for graduate studies and existing professional master's degree 
programs, and gain practical knowledge for planning and implementing their 
own programs.  Approximately 60 representatives from 35 to 40 departments of 
mathematical sciences are expected to participate in these workshops.  The grant 
proposal is awaiting NSF decision.

2I.7	1998 Operating Plan.

The 1998 Operating Plan had been distributed in October to the ECBT and Policy 
Committee Chairs for advice and comment, and it is attached (#39) to the record 
copies of these ECBT minutes.  The document is intended to be a working 
document for the leadership and staff, to guide operations and to set priorities 
during the coming year.

2I.8	SilverPlatter Contract Report.

The ECBT received a report on the new contract between SilverPlatter and AMS,
which became effective July 1, 1997.  The contract runs for at least another
three years, and is automatically renewed annually thereafter unless either
party seeks changes or termination.

2I.9	Travel Grant for Joint Meeting with the South African Mathematical 
Society, 	London Mathematical Society, and 

In May NSF awarded $41,250 (including $750 for AMS administrative costs) for 
travel support for U.S. mathematicians attending the June 1997 meeting in 
Pretoria, South Africa.  Forty-six applications for support were received, as a 
result of announcements via the AMS web site and email circulation to session 
organizers.  Forty-four U.S. mathematicians were awarded support by the 
selection committee, which was comprised of the AMS Secretariat.  In 
compliance with NSF conditions, almost one-third of the awards were made to 
minority mathematicians.  NSF has requested a personal report on the meeting 
and arrangements are being made for a member of the selection committee and 
an awardee to make this report.

2I.10	Report on May 1997 CSSP Meeting.

President Jaffe represented the AMS at the May 1997 meeting of the Council of 
Scientific Society Presidents.  See Att. #26.

2I.11	Report on May 1997 CBMS Meeting.  Att. #17.

ED Ewing represented the AMS at the May 1997 meeting of the Conference 
Board for the Mathematical Sciences.  A report is attached (#17).

2I.12	Update on Summer 2000 Meeting.  Att. #35.

An update on the Summer 2000 Meeting is attached (#35).

2I.13	Actions of the Agenda and Budget Committee (ABC).

At its October 4, 1997, meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, the ABC took the 
following action.  The number in curly brackets is the ABC agenda item number.

2I.14 {2.17}   Schedule for November 1997 ECBT Meeting.

The ABC decided the schedule for the November 1997 ECBT meeting.  On Friday 
evening, reports from various committees (including the policy committees) will 
be received and discussed.  If time permits, other ECBT action/discussion items 
will be considered as well.

2I.14	Contact Information on ECBT Members.  Att. #36.

Attached (#36) is updated contact information on ECBT members. 


3.1	Discussion of Fiscal Reports.

The BT received and discussed various fiscal reports.

The 1998 budget, as presented and modified by actions taken at this meeting, 
was approved.

3.2	Budgeted Staffing Levels.

The BT approved the 1998 personnel budget as presented.

3.3	Capital Expenditures - 1998 Capital Purchase Plan.

The BT approved the 1998 capital budget as presented.

3.3.1	Capital Expenditures - Approval of Specific Purchases.

Requests for authorization to make specific large purchases (items costing 
$50,000 or more) are included under this item.  No such requests were presented 
at this meeting.

3.4	Report on Print Shop.

Through September of this year the Print Shop has purchased a laminator
($45,847) and a used 16-page signature press identical to the existing one in
the Print Shop.  The total cost for the press, delivery and installation was
$129,250.  There is another $30,000 in the budget for a folder which may be
purchased this year.  The additional equipment will enable a larger volume of
in-house printing thereby reducing the outside printing costs.

For information.

3.5	Investment Committee Report.

Frank Peterson, Chair of the Investment Committee, reported that the 
Committee met on November 14.  The main action the Committee took was to 
decide not to renew Cambridge Associates Investment Advisory’s contract.


3C.1	Recognition for Length of Service.  Att. #32.

The BT approved the proclamations contained in Att. #32.

3C.2	Mathematics Sessions at the AAAS Annual Meeting.

The BT authorized $10,000 to support speakers for the Mathematics Section at 
the 1999 annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of 
Science (AAAS).


3I.1	Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF) Increment.

The 1997 increment to the Economic Stabilization Fund will be limited to 
reinvested income, which is anticipated to be to $4,259,000.

3I.2	Summary of Program Development Fund.  Att. #31.

Att. #31 presents financial history and projected status of the Program 
Development Fund.

3I.3	January 2002 Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Meetings and Conferences Department staff has successfully concluded 
negotiations with the San Diego Marriott as directed by the AMS/MAA Joint 
Meetings Committee, and so the January 2002 Joint Mathematics Meetings will 
be held in San Diego, once the AMS Secretariat and MAA Board of Governors 
have approved the site and dates.

3I.4	Committee Budgets.

The traditional report on committee budgets now appears in Section N of the 
Fiscal Reports.

						Robert M. Fossum, Secretary
						December 12, 1997