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AMS Committee on the Profession

Committee on the Profession (CoProf) Annual Report, 2000

Don McClure, Chair

Committee on the Profession Highlights
September 16, 2000
Chicago O’Hare Hilton

The Committee on the Profession (CoProf) discussed several items related to membership. First, they endorsed staff’s proposal to amend the eligibility criteria for Nominee membership, (See Item 4.3.2 of the 1/01 Council Agenda). They also recommended to Council bylaws changes proposed by Secretary Daverman that would enable the implementation of electronic balloting in AMS elections, pending anticipated changes in the laws governing this issue in the District of Columbia.

The committee received a report on Awards and Prizes from the subcommittee composed of Bill Beckner (chair) and Robert Daverman. CoProf’s recommendations for changes in the administration of prizes are presented in Item 4.6.3 of the 1/01 Council Agenda.

The committee received a report on the AMS Centennial Fellowship from the subcommittee composed of Jonathan Rosenberg (chair), Patrica Bauman and Robert Calderbank. CoProf’s recommendations for changes in the criteria for eligibility and selection are presented in Item 4.6.2 of the 1/01 Council Agenda.

As part of the Society’s followup to the Task Force on Excellence report, CoProf approved the appointment of a subcommittee which would continue the department chairs’ workshop held in recent years at the January meeting. The subcommittee will consist of Sam Rankin, John Conway, Don Lewis, and Doug Lind, with an additional appointment to be made later.

CoProf agreed that its upcoming annual review of the Society’s activities within its charge would be the area of professional development. A CoProf subcommittee will be formed on this issue, and a final charge to the subcommittee will be drafted by John Ewing and Don McClure. The review should be ready for the CoProf meeting in fall, 2001.

Prepared by Jim Maxwell
December 5, 2000

Donald E. McClure

December 1, 1999