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The 2016 AMS Committee on Education (COE) meeting was held  on Friday-Saturday, October 13-15, 2016 in Washington, DC. 
The focus of the meeting was on “Broadening the Conversation: Engaging other STEM Education Stakeholders.”  Presentations were given by mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike about what is going on in STEM education, including presentations from the American Physical Society (APS) on the APS education and diversity initiatives, the Bootstrap Program (, the "Enriched Doctoral Training in the Mathematical Sciences (EDT)" Program - an NSF funded effort to train Ph.D. students in the mathematical sciences to tackle and solve problems that arise in non-academic settings, and an update on the Transforming Postsecondary Education in Mathematics (TPSE Math) Program.

Presentations given are linked below:

"ACS Education Division: Resources supporting learners and educators"
Presented by Nancy Bakowski, American Chemical Society

"Gender Disparity in STEM and the Role of Calculus"
Presented by Jess Ellis, Colorado State University

"Developing the open source on-line homework system WeBWorK within academia"
Presented by Michael Gage, University of Rochester

"Building Bridges to Belonging: Mindsets That Increase Participation, Achievement, and Learning in Math"
Presented by Catherine Good, Baruch College, CUNY

"A Preceptor Program: Taking an Aim at Excellence in Introductory-Level Calculus Instruction"
Presented by Robin Gottlieb, Harvard University

"Education Activities of the American Physical Society"
Presented by Ted Hodapp, American Physical Society

"Transforming Post-Secondary Education in Mathematics: An Update on our Activities"
Presented by Tara Holm, Cornell University

"New Instructor Training at UMich: Promoting Engaged Learning"
Presented by Gavin LaRose, University of Michigan

"The Enriched Doctoral Training in the Mathematical Sciences (EDT) Program"
Presented by Tie Luo, National Science Foundation

"Bootstrap: A Unique Approach to Teaching Algebra through Programming"
Presented by Emmanuel Schanzer, Bootstrap