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Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

General Description

The members shall consist of three Council members (chosen from among the Vice Presidents and Members at Large), a member of the Board of Trustees, the President, the Executive Director (non-voting), the Secretary, the AMS Staff Liaison, and 3–6 at large members.

Principal Activities

  1. Monitor and provide advice about the Society’s collection and dissemination of data relevant to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) concerns. The data should be used by the committee in bench-marking and in formulating goals. Dissemination should include periodic reports published in the Notices.
  2. Recommend and provide advice about self-assessment tools.
  3. Identify and develop programs to build diversity within the profession. Identify and organize activities to promote awareness of and education about EDI issues, such as panels or special sessions at JMM.
  4. Ensure that EDI issues are considered systemically throughout AMS; identify processes that support this, such as appropriate mechanisms for interacting with other committees on issues related to diversity.
  5. Review the committee's charge after five years and recommend any necessary changes.

Miscellaneous Information

The Committee does its work by email, videoconference, and usually one face to face meeting a year. This committee has been designated at LEVEL P.

The Council of 12 January 1993, upon recommendation of the Special Committee to Review the Committee Structure, was asked to include the following to the charges of all five policy committees:

  1. to provide advice to the leadership of the Society and make recommendations as to Society policy,
  2. to be responsible for taking a long-range view in their areas,
  3. to conduct an annual high-level review of activities and structure within their areas and evaluate progress toward Society goals,
  4. to report regularly to the membership, both in writing and by presentations at meetings,
  5. to maintain communication with the membership and awareness of their views,
  6. to coordinate with other professional organizations.

The 11 January 1994 Council approved the following resolution:

The Council charges the committees on Education, Meetings and Conferences, Profession, Publication, and Science Policy to carry out at least every six years reviews and appraisals of Society activities in the areas of their charges and to report the results of these reviews to the Executive Committee and to the Council.

Note to the Chair

For the purpose of archiving the committee activities, the Secretary maintains a central file system for archiving committee records. Committee Chairs are asked to submit committee records on yearly basis. Chairs can submit material at their discretion, and some materials that they may wish to provide are meeting minutes, agenda, and emails. Confidential material should be noted, so that it can be handled in a confidential manner.


Past Members

A list of current and past members is available here: