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Committee on Science Policy

General Description

The members shall consist of 3 Council members (chosen from the Vice Presidents and Members-at-Large), a member of the Board of Trustees, the President, the President Elect/Past President, the Secretary, the Chair of the Committee on Education, the AMS Staff Liaison, and 4–6 at-large members. The Executive Director will serve as a non-voting member.

The Chair of the Committee on Science Policy shall serve ex officio on the Committee on Education.

Principal Activities

To discuss and act on questions of policy as it affects the discipline.

  1. To serve as a forum for dialogue about matters of science policy involving representatives of the AMS, government and quasi-government officials and other interested parties.
  2. To be responsible for the selection of those elements of AMS meeting programs, such as lectures and panel discussions, which bear directly on such policy questions as are within the purview of the Committee.
  3. To provide occasional advice to the Society on matters of broad scientific policy.
  4. As a committee, and individually upon request, to interact with Federal agencies and policymakers.
  5. To provide occasional advice about ways in which the Society can work favorably with other organizations on matters of science policy.
  6. To conduct periodic reviews and appraisals of Society activities in areas of science policy, for example:
    • Policy Forums
    • The Society’s relations with international societies and the international community
    • Scientific policies promoted by the Society, and strategies used to implement them
    • The ways in which the Society collaborates with other organizations on matters of science policy
  7. To prepare an annual report on the Committee’s activities and goals for the AMS Council and for possible publication in the Notices.

Miscellaneous Information

The Committee does its work by email, videoconference, and usually one face-to-face meeting per year. This committee has been designated at LEVEL P.

Note to the Chair

Committee chairs should be informed, at the beginning of each fiscal period, of the budget of their committees and cautioned to remain within the budget. Such items as travel reimbursement, accommodations, and meals for guests of any kind fall within these budgets.

For the purpose of archiving the committee activities, the Secretary maintains a central file system for archiving committee records. Committee Chairs are asked to submit committee records on yearly basis. Chairs can submit material at their discretion, and some materials that they may wish to provide are meeting minutes, agenda, and emails. Confidential material should be noted, so that it can be handled in a confidential manner.


Past Members

1987   Hyman Bass, Felix E Browder, Carl de Boor, Ronald G Douglas,
            Frederick Gehring, Ronald Lipsman, James W Maxwell, G Daniel Mostow,
            Robert Osserman, Judith D Sally, David Sanchez, William Thurston,
            Guido L Weiss
1988   Hyman Bass, Carl de Boor, Ronald G Douglas, Frank L Gilfeather,
            James G Glimm, Ronald Lipsman, James W Maxwell, G Daniel Mostow,
            Robert Osserman, Seymour V Parter, John C Polking, Judith D Sally,
            David A Sanchez, William P Thurston, Guido L Weiss

A list of current and past members from 1989 and onwards is available here