Important information regarding the recent AMS power outage.

The transformer that provides electricity to the AMS building in Providence went down on Sunday, April 22. The restoration of our email, website, AMS Bookstore and other systems is almost complete. We are currently running on a generator but overnight a new transformer should be hooked up and (fingers crossed) we should be fine by 8:00 (EDT) Wednesday morning. This issue has affected selected phones, which should be repaired by the end of today. No email was lost, although the accumulated messages are only just now being delivered so you should expect some delay.

Thanks for your patience.

Fan Fund Committee Past Members

2018 Lizhen Ji, Catherine Huafei Yan (CH), Hongkai Zhao
2017 Fang Hua Lin (CH), Catherine Huafei Yan, Hongkai Zhao
2016 Dihua Jiang (CH), Fang Hua Lin, Hongkai Zhao
2015 Dihua Jiang (CH), Fang Hua Lin, Jiawang Nie
2014 Dihua Jiang, Jiawang Nie, Paul C. Yang (CH)
2013 Jiawang Nie, Zhihong Xia (CH), Paul C. Yang
2012 Zhihong Xia, Paul C. Yang, Tonghai Yang (CH)
2011 Zhihong Xia, Jinchao Xu (CH), Tonghai Yang
2010 Tsit-Yuen Lam (CH), Jinchao Xu, Tonghai Yang
2009 Weinan E, Tsit-Yuen Lam (CH), Jinchao Xu
2008 Weinan E, Tsit-Yuen Lam
2007 Weinan E, Shouwu Zhang (CH)
2006 Min Chen (CH), Shouwu Zhang
2005 Min Chen, Song Ying Li (CH), Shouwu Zhang
2004 Min Chen, Song Ying Li (CH), Gang Tian
2003 Song Ying Li, Yanyan Li (CH), Gang Tian
2002 Fan Chung Graham, Yanyan Li, Gang Tian
2001 Fan Chung Graham (CH), Yanyan Li, Gang Tian

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