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AMS MAA SIAM Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities

(Dissolved April 2021)

General Description

Principal Activities

The Committee provides advice and feedback to the AMS about the operation and policies of the Employment Center (EC) and the journal, Employment Information in the Mathematical Sciences (EIMS). The EC schedules interviews and provides a venue for additional contact between prospective employers and employees at the Joint Mathematics Meetings of the AMS and MAA. The EIMS lists open positions and is available in both print format and electronically at the AMS website (

The Committee may also comment on and suggest new ideas for supplementary services, such as advising job applicants on resume writing and interviewing skills.

Miscellaneous Information

The Committee selects its own chair, usually for a two year term. The administrative work of the Employment Register is handled by the Professional Programs and Services Department of the Providence office of the Society, while the editorial and clerical work of EIMS is done through the Electronic Prepress Department.

Job Description [per DMM (7/98)]

  1. Attend the meeting of the JCEO at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in January.
  2. Employment Register (ER) oversight: The Employment Register, held for three days during the joint meeting, links prospective employers and employees.
    1. Chairman of the JCEO leads the short orientation session.
    2. Committee members are asked to attend the orientation if possible.
    3. During the operation of the Employment Register, members are requested to be present periodically to observe the operations and bring their comments to the meeting.
    4. Annually review and make recommendations on the fee structure of the Employment Register.
  3. “Employment Information in the Mathematical Sciences” (EIMS) oversight:
    1. JCEO members have traditionally suggested or written suitable articles for the frontmatter of this publication.
    2. JCEO members receive a complimentary subscription to EIMS and are asked to bring their comments and suggestions to the meeting.
    3. Members annually review and make recommendations on the listing/subscription fee structure.
  4. General: Committee members consider matters pertaining to current employment opportunities for mathematicians, and future directions of employment opportunities, and keep the members of the three societies informed as follows:
    1. Each society's representatives are responsible for liaison with their respective society Secretary and/or other appropriate bodies, and for reporting back annually in accordance with each society's procedures.
    2. The Chair submits a short annual report, by December 1, to the governing bodies of the three societies, summarizing the activities and concerns of the JCEO during his/her chairmanship.
    3. Communication of JCEO concerns and activities to the membership at large, via appropriate vehicles (NOTICES OF THE AMS, MAA FOCUS, SIAM NEWS), and communication with other committees of the societies.
  5. Pamphlets: Committee members write, and periodically update, Career, published by the AMS.
  6. Membership: Committee members make recommendations to the three Societies of potential new members.
  7. Support: Committee support is provided by AMS staff (J.W. Maxwell's office) for agenda, minutes, and communication.
  8. Travel support policy for members: AMS Agenda and Budget Committee approved support for AMS representatives at the same level as members of the Council. An explanation of travel expense reimbursement of volunteers for this committee is attached. This committee has been designated at LEVEL B. MAA representatives do not receive travel support.

Note to the Chair

Committee chairs should be informed, at the beginning of each fiscal period, of the budget of their committees and cautioned to remain within the budget. Such items as travel reimbursement, accommodations, and meals for guests of any kind fall within these budgets.

For the purpose of archiving the committee activities, the Secretary maintains a central file system for archiving committee records. Committee Chairs are asked to submit committee records on yearly basis. Chairs can submit material at their discretion, and some materials that they may wish to provide are meeting minutes, agenda, and emails. Confidential material should be noted, so that it can be handled in a confidential manner.


Past Members

A list of current and past members is available here: