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Member at Large


Three years. The election is contested and immediate re-election is barred.


To legislate for the Society on matters concerned with “the furtherance of the interests of mathematical scholarship and research.” Insofar as legislation involves the expenditure of funds, it takes the form of recommendations to the Trustees. The duties are accomplished through one committee meeting and 2 council meetings per year, with occasional extraordinary meetings and Business by Mail. The Council is so constituted that the Members at Large and Vice Presidents (also elected in contested elections) are a majority of the Council.

The 12 January 1993 Council established new policy committees, namely the Science Policy Committee, the Committee on Education, the Committee on Meetings and Conferences, the Committee on the Profession and the Committee on Publications. The membership of these committees shall include three Council members, appointed by the President from among the Vice Presidents and Members at Large of the Council. It is likely that each Member at Large would be asked to serve on one or more of the above policy committees.

DRAFT: 12/13/79; UPDATED: 12/9/91; 12/7/93; 12/1/99; 10/4/00

List of Members at Large (1957 – present)

A list of members by year from 1989 onward is available at:

1957 – 59:  R.E. Bellman, Lipman Bers, A.M. Gleason, P.R. Halmos, D.H. Lehmer
1958 – 60:  R.H. Bing, L.H. Loomis, P.C. Rosenbloom, Walter Rudin, I.E. Segal
1959 – 61:  R.H. Bruck, P.R. Garabedian, Edwin Hewitt, B. Robinson, Leo Zippin
1960 – 62:  R.C. Buck, M.M. Day, A. Erdelyi, G.E. Forsythe, E.H. Spanier
1961 – 63:  P.T. Bateman, H.W. Bode, Raoul Bott, R.S. Phillips, C.B. Tompkins
1962 – 64:  L. Henkin, A.S. Householder, P.D. Lax, R.C. Lyndon, L. Markus
1963 – 65:  D.A. Darling, Karel de Leeuw, G.F.D. Duff, Louis Nirenberg, Leo Zippin
1964 – 66:  J.W.Milnor, E.Calabi, V.L.Klee, A.E.Taylor, J.Wermer
1965 – 67:  R.Arens, M.Auslander, A.Calderon, L.Cesari, P.Cohen
1966 – 68:  J.B.Diaz, Henry Helson, Ivan Niven, Kenneth Hoffman, Walter Feit
1967 – 69:  R.D.Anderson, W.Browder, J.K.Moser, G.C.Rota, Avner Friedman
1968 – 70:  Armand Borel, R.H.Bott, I.N.Herstein, Serge Lang, J.T.Schwartz
1969 – 71:  Hyman Bass, Paul J.Cohen, J.Wallace Givens, Jr., Victor L.Klee, Jr., Ray A.Kunze
1970 – 72:  M.Artin, M.Atiyah, Philip Hartman, C.C.Lin, Calvin C.Moore
1971 – 73:  G.F.Carrier, M.L.Curtis, M.E.Rudin, J.B.Serrin, E.M.Stein
1972 – 74:  William Browder, P.S.Mostert, R.T.Seeley, D.M.Stone, Olga Taussky Todd
1973 – 75:  Anatole Beck, Michael Golomb, Mary E.Gray, Arthur P.Mattuck, Cathleen S.Morawetz
1974 – 76:  Charles W.Curtis, Herbert B.Keller, Robion C.Kirby, Lee Lorch, Jane Cronin Scanlon
1975 – 77:  David Gale, Phillip A.Griffiths, Judy Green, J.Ernest Wilkins, Jr., Karl K.Norton
1976 – 78:  Hugo Rossi, Lee A.Rubel, Barry Simon, Daniel Waternman, Guido L.Weiss
1977 – 79:  Theodore W.Gamelin, Richard J.Griego, Karl H.Hofmann, Henry P.McKean, Linda P.Rothschild
1978 – 80:  Joan Birman, Lenore Blum, James A.Donaldson, Murray Gerstenhaber, Ronald L.Graham
1979 – 81:  Chandler Davis, Robert P.Gilbert, Johan H.B.Kemperman, Karen Uhlenbeck, Daniel H.Wagner
1980 – 82:  Frederick W.Gehring, Lee Lorch, Richard S.Millman, Marian B.Pour El, David A.Sanchez
1981 – 83:  Donald L.Burkholder, Alan J.Hoffman, Linda Keen, O.Carruth McGehee, Paul J.Sally, Jr.
1982 – 84:  Peter Fillmore, Melvin Hochster, Robert P.Langlands, M.Susan Montgomery, Hector J.Sussman
1983 – 85:  Peter L.Duren, Susan J.Friedlander, Robin Hartshorne, Michael Shub, Olga Taussky Todd
1984 – 86:  Michael G.Crandall, David Eisenbud, Carlos E.Kenig, Jean E.Taylor, William P.Thurston
1985 – 87:  A.T.Bharucha Reid, Daniel M.Burns, Joseph B.Keller, Audrey A.Terras, David A.Vogan, Jr
1986 – 88:  James G.Arthur, Jane P.Gilman, Chuu Lian Terng, William A.Veech, Robert F.Williams
1987 – 89:  H.Blaine Lawson, Jr., Yiannis N.Moschovakis, Linda A.Ness, Marc A.Rieffel, Carol S.Wood
1988 – 90:  Richard K.Guy, Rhonda J.Hughes, Robion C.Kirby, Albert Marden, Harold M.Stark
1989 – 91:  Jonathan L.Alperin, Fan R.K.Chung, Lawrence J.Corwin, Michael C.Reed, Hugo Rossi