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Translations of Mathematical Monographs Editorial Committee

General Description

Principal Activities

This editorial committee is charged with selecting books for translation and publication by the AMS which were originally published in a foreign language and exposit research-level mathematics of current interest to the mathematical community. Each book selected should make a noticeable new contribution to English-language mathematical literature.

Each committee member should be familiar with at least one language in which potential projects were originally published (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese). It is also helpful for committee members to have a general understanding of the development of mathematics in the corresponding country/countries.

This committee should also recommend appropriate foreign-language projects for other AMS book series; most importantly, for the Graduate Studies in Mathematics and Student Mathematical Library series. Such recommendations should be communicated to AMS Acquisitions Staff for further consideration by the editorial committee of the appropriate series.

The principal function of a book editorial committee is to decide the appropriateness of proposed book projects for publication. It is very important that the committee make its decision in a timely manner, usually within three months’ time.

This committee will usually seek the advice of one or more outside experts in order to facilitate its decision process, but this is not always necessary. The AMS Acquisitions Staff is available to help the committee in any possible way, including communication with outside experts suggested by the committee. Although most proposals will come to a committee from an AMS Acquisitions Editor, the Editorial Committee itself may solicit proposals.

Further Information

Editors are recommended by the EBC and appointed by the President. They do not require Council approval.

Miscellaneous Information

The business of this committee can be done by email or videoconference; Travel is not required. Editors normally serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Note to the Chair

For the purpose of archiving the committee activities, the Secretary maintains a central file system for archiving committee records. Committee Chairs are asked to submit committee records on yearly basis. Chairs can submit material at their discretion, and some materials that they may wish to provide are meeting minutes, agenda, and emails. Confidential material should be noted, so that it can be handled in a confidential manner.


Past Members

A list of current and past members is available here: