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August 1988 Council Minutes


                            MINUTES OF THE COUNCIL

								7 AUGUST 1988

The Council met on 7 August 1988 at 5:10 PM in the Bacchante Room of the Omni
Biltmore Hotel in Providence on the occasion of the Centennial Celebration of
the Society.  Members present were S. Armentrout, R. H. Bott, W. Browder, W. W.
Comfort, R. G. Douglas, J. P. Gilman, R. K. Guy, R. J. Hughes, R. C. Kirby, I.
Kra, H. B. Lawson, A. R. Magid, A. Marden, G. D. Mostow, F. P. Peterson, E.
Pitcher, M. B. Pour-El, M. A. Rieffel, B. Simon, L. W. Small, H. M. Stark, J.
E. Taylor, W. P. Thurston, K. Uhlenbeck, R. F. Williams, and C. S. Wood.  Also
present were L. K. Barrett, R. G. Bartle, R. M. Fossum, R. Gangolli, E. H.
Heiser, K. M. Hoffman, A. Jackson, W. H. Jaco, J. E. Kister, M. C. Lane, W. J.
LeVeque, J. W. Maxwell, J. W. Pelletier, J. A. Voytuk, and W. B. Woolf. 
President Mostow was in the chair.


1.1 Minutes of 23 April 1988.  The report of the auditors for the year 1987 was
distributed with the minutes.  That fact should have been noted.  With this
addition the minutes of 23 April 1988 were approved.


4.1 Progress in Mathematics.  At the instigation of President Mostow, the
Executive Committee and Board of Trustees proposed that a lecture series be
initiated with the formal title Progress in Mathematics:  AMS Lecture Series. 
It would begin with two (unrelated) lectures at Summer Meetings.  A lecture
could present to a general audience (rather than to specialists) a mathematical
topic developed or coming into prominence within the last five years.  The
lecturer would ordinarily be different from the prime developers of the topic. 
The lecture in draft would be circulated in advance and the finished product
would be published in the Bulletin.  Published lectures could be accumulated in
book form as well.  Expenses of lecturers would be paid.  

It was proposed to begin this series with two lecturers at the Summer Meeting
of 1989.  Each lecture would cover an elapsed time of perhaps 80 minutes
including a five minute intermission.  To make room to schedule this new entry,
the number of invited hour addresses would be reduced by two or three.  In
order to be able to proceed on the proposed schedule, President Mostow
assembled the selection committee provisionally, subject to Council approval of
the project.  It consisted of Armand Borel, chairman, Paul H. Rabinowitz, John
T. Tate, and Alan D. Weinstein.  [Hugo Rossi was subsequently added.]

The Council approved the new lecture series.

The Council met briefly in executive session at a later time for the following

4.2 Nominations.  The Secretary noted that Barry Mazur declined to be a
candidate for vice-president and Jean Marie DeKoninck declined to be a
candidate for the Committee to Monitor Problems in Communication.

The Nominating Committee proposed the following additional candidates:

		Vice-President 		Melvin Hochster

		Member-at-large		James H. Curry
					Michael C. Reed

		Editorial Committees
		   American Journal	David Gieseker

		   Proceedings		Palle E.T. Jorgensen

		Committee to Monitor	Paul Nevai
		  Problems in Comm.

There was one proposed candidate for member-at-large who had offered petitions
bearing at least fifty valid signatures:

				Melvyn S. Berger

The Council made all the proposed nominations.

4.3 Committee on Election Scheduling.  The Chairman of the Committee, William
P. Thurston, had some comments about the work of the committee.  There was no

Remaining items on the agenda were not considered in the order listed on the
agenda in order to fit the discussion with the scheduled dinner.

4.4 Structure of JPBM.  The Committee on the proposed structure of the Joint
Policy Board for Mathematics reported and the report is attached.  There is a
letter of comment from the Executive Director attached.

The Council approved Recommendation A with the proviso that the first elected
representative serve for one year (1989) in order to establish the requisite
staggering of terms.

The Council tabled Recommendation B with the understanding that the Executive
Director should continue to be a voting member.

The Council endorsed Recommendation C.

4.4 Minority Participation.  The Conference Board passed the attached
resolution and commended it to its member societies.  The Executive Committee
recommended that the Council endorse the resolution and the Council did so.


8.1 Bylaws Amendment.  The Council of 23 April 1988 recommended amendment of
Article VII of the bylaws making possible the establishment of the Editorial
Boards Committee.  In several places the word elect was used when it was
otherwise the wish of the Council that the word be appoint.  A copy of the
proposed amendment is attached with the occurrences of this editorial change
signaled.  The Council approved the changes.


9.1 AAAS Fellows.  The Council tabled a proposal that the Society proceed to
nominate fellows to AAAS more aggressively.  A reason offered was that the
Society was conducting discussions about programmatic arrangements with Section
A of AAAS and arranging representation in other sections.  Accordingly
relations with AAAS would be clearer in another year.

9.2 Letter from S. Mac Lane.  The attached letter from Saunders Mac Lane
proposed several areas of possible useful activity by the Society that could be
considered and initiated by the Council.

The President agreed to refer matters in the letter to the Committee on Science
Policy and to the Committee to Review Procedures of the Council in Considering

9.3 Letter from S. Lang.  The attached letter from Serge Lang was both
addressed to the Council and offered as a Letter to the Editor of the Notices. 
The Editorial Committee of the Notices was in the process of considering
whether to publish it at the time of the Council meeting.  The chairman of the
Committee sought the reaction of the Council.

The following points were noted:

    1.  So far as is known, the statement under discussion did not appear in 
	the McGraw Hill Newsletter but in Science News.

    2.  Ken Hoffman is identified in the article as a professor at MIT and as 
	a member of AMS, not as an AMS employee.

    3.  Hoffman denied that he made the statement that the reporter has
	attributed to him.
The Council passed a motion to deny the request of Lang for action but
encouraged the Editors of the Notices to publish the letter.  A Letter to the
Editor, offered in case the letter from Lang is published, is attached.  


2.1 ECBT Minutes.  The minutes of the meeting of 12-14 May 1988 are attached.  

2.2 AAAS.  Affiliation of the Society with Sections B (Physics), L (History and
Philosophy of Science), Q (Education), and T (Information, Computing, and
Communication) is being sought in accord with the general authorization from
the Council of 23 April 1988.  [In fact the affiliation with Sections L and Q
has been completed.]

2.3 Information from the Committee on Science Policy.  Dean Ronald G. Douglas,
Chair of the Committee on Science Policy, offered two recent articles on
science policy for Council information.  They are attached.  He also presented
an oral report of which a summary is attached.

2.4 Eugene Gilbo.  A letter from Professor Gilbo to President Mostow was
presented to the Council.

2.5  Science Fair.  Carol Wood reported to the Council on the participation of
the Society in the judging and the award of prizes at the 39th International
Science and Engineering Fair in May 1988.  This was the first participation by
the Society in what is planned as an annual event.

The Council had recessed at 6:15 in order to allow for the taking of group
pictures of the Council in recognition of the Centennial. 

When the Council went to dinner at 6:30, President Elect William Browder sought
the indulgence of the President and the Council to call the meeting to order.

9.4  Resolution of Appreciation of Ruth Hahn.  Robert Fossum offered the
following resolution.

	The Council of the American Mathematical Society expresses its
	appreciation to Ruth Hahn for her eighteen years of service to the
	Society and in particular to the Council of the Society as 
	secretary to the Secretary and wishes her well in her retirement at	
	the end of the year.

It was passed by acclamation.

9.5 Resolution of Thanks to G. D. Mostow.  Robert Fossum offered the following

	The Council of the American Mathematical Society notes that this is 
	the last meeting during which its President, G. D. Mostow, will be
	its presiding officer.  Recognizing that he will continue to be a
	member of the Council, it nevertheless takes this opportunity to thank
	Professor Mostow for serving the Council and the Society as
        President for these last two years.

It was passed by acclamation.

9.6 Resolution of Thanks to Frank T. Birtel.  Robert Fossum offered the 
following resolution.                         

	The Council of the American Mathematical Society notes that
	Professor Frank Birtel will step down at the end of this calendar year
	after serving the Council for twelve years as Associate Secretary.
        With this resolution the Council expresses its gratitude for his
	devoted service to the Council and the Society.

It was passed by acclamation.

9.7 Resolution of Thanks to William J. LeVeque.  Robert Fossum offered the 
following resolution.                         
	Dr. William LeVeque is retiring after serving for eleven years as
	Executive Director of the Society.  The Council of the American
        Mathematical Society records, with this resolution, its thanks and
	deep appreciation to Dr. LeVeque for his many years of service to 
	the Council and send its best wishes for a happy and successful 

It was passed by acclamation.

9.8 Resolution of Thanks to Everett Pitcher.  Robert Fossum offered the 
following resolution.                      

	The Council of the American Mathematical Society notes that
	Professor A. Everett Pitcher will step down at the end of this 
	calendar year after serving the Council for twenty two years as 
	Secretary and many more years in other capacities.  With this 
	resolution the Council expresses its gratitude and deep appreciation 
	to Professor Pitcher for his devoted service to the Council and
	the Society.

It was passed by acclamation.

At this point the Council again recessed for dinner.

The Council adjourned at 9:59 PM.

						Everett Pitcher