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Executive Committee of the Council
February 1, 2014 - January 31, 2015

The Executive Committee is a subcommittee of the Council and is empowered to act for the Council on matters which have been delegated to the Executive Committee by the Council.

Information on Executive Committee meeting dates and minutes.

You can request that a message be transmitted to the AMS Executive Committee by sending email to the AMS Secretary.

Professor Hélène Barcelo
Term:  March 1, 2012 - February 29, 2016
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

Professor Robert L. Bryant
Term:  ex officio (President Elect)
Duke University

Professor Ralph L. Cohen
Term:  March 1, 2011 - February 28, 2015
Stanford University

Professor Tara S. Holm
Term:  March 1, 2013 - February 28, 2017
Cornell University

Professor Kenneth A. Ribet
Term:  March 1, 2014 - February 28, 2018
University of California, Berkeley

Professor Carla D. Savage
Term:  ex officio (Secretary)
North Carolina State University

Professor David A. Vogan, Jr.
Term:  ex officio (President)  
Massachusetts Institute of Technology