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American Mathematical Society
Policy Statement Against Racism and Violence Against People of Asian and Pacific Islander Descent

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) condemns the recent violent attacks in Atlanta and elsewhere on members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. While there is a long history of discrimination and racism toward people of AAPI descent, it is extremely disturbing to see this resurgence of racially-motivated hostility and violence.

The AMS is strongly committed to supporting mathematicians of every color, background, and ethnicity. Recently, the AMS launched a study of racial discrimination in the Society and created a top-level policy committee on issues of diversity and inclusion. Moreover, the AMS continues to work with other STEM-focused organizations to build programs that address these issues.

The incident in Atlanta reminds us that many different communities in this country, as well as foreign residents and visitors, are subject to aggression and discrimination based on their race, gender identity, or religion. We must all work together to ensure such hostilities have no place within the AMS.

Adopted by the Council on April 4, 2021, and affirmed on April 24, 2021, so as to speak in the name of the American Mathematical Society.