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American Mathematical Society
Policy Statement on Supportive Practices and Ethics in the Employment of Young People in the Mathematical Sciences

  1. Mathematics departments should make their students aware of the realities of the job market and should provide them the opportunity to prepare for a broad range of jobs in the mathematical sciences.
  2. Employers have a responsibility to support the development of recent graduates, whether in temporary or potentially permanent positions, through mentoring and training in all aspects of professional life, and by integrating them into the scholarly life of the department.
  3. Mathematics departments that offer temporary positions are urged to offer such positions for at least two years' duration whenever possible. When a recent graduate is hired for only one year (e.g., to replace a permanent faculty member on sabbatical), it is especially important to attend to the professional development of the person hired. Colleges and Universities have a responsibility to permanently staff departments at sufficient levels, rather than continually relying on temporary non-tenure track faculty.
  4. Recent graduates should be hired at salaries commensurate with national norms. In particular, the practice of hiring recent graduates by the course at sub-standard salaries is reprehensible and exploitative.

Adopted by the Council in March 2007 so as to speak in the name of the American Mathematical Society.