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Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) Reimagined

2020 JMM participants in atrium

The JMM is the world's largest annual mathematics meeting. In 1916, the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) held their first back-to-back meetings. AMS and MAA soon united those meetings, co-hosting for several decades, and eventually adopting the acronym, JMM, in 1980. Starting with the 2022 gathering, the AMS will be solely responsible for managing meeting logistics for all participating organizations.

Learn about JMM 2022 and beyond at: "The Future of the JMM and What to Expect at JMM2022", organized by Martin Bridgeman, Boston College; 3:00-4:30PM MST, Friday, January 8 at JMM 2021.

JMM has welcomed mathematicians in partnership for decades, and the gathering will continue-on in that spirit for decades to come. Our plan is to host the JMM in the spirit of collaboration that has allowed the global mathematical community to accomplish so much. The only thing changing is who will host, organize and manage this important conference. See the Expanded Classification System for JMM 2022 and Beyond

Events at the JMM will keep supporting mathematicians at every stage of their careers and creating important connections. The JMM will continue to welcome the diverse mathematical community to:

  • Present research
  • Share insights on teaching and learning of mathematics
  • Enjoy a wide range of exhibitors, and
  • Meet colleagues, old and new
          smiling student shows research poster to smiling older mathematician

It is within that spirit of teamwork that we would like your input on “reimagining” this long-standing and important meeting. Each JMM is the result of years of planning, which is why we ask for your input now. Via the following form, please share how the JMM is relevant to you and any suggestions you have to help us plan for the JMM in 2022 and beyond. What types of sessions and activities will draw you to the event? Are there better ways to conduct existing programming?

We look forward to your thoughts. Working together, we can ensure that JMM will continue to serve the entire mathematical community. Thank you!
Photos on this page by Kate Awtrey, Atlanta Convention Photography

Ready to submit a formal proposal for JMM 2021 and beyond? Submit all the details via our National Meetings page.

Our Vision for JMM

The Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) is the world's largest annual mathematics meeting.

Our goal is to continue to hold a gathering that offers “something for everyone” within the mathematical community. Year after year, people come to JMM for the variety of programming and to meet with friends, collaborators, mentors and mentees. We plan to keep offering what draws and engages you.

Involving and Engaging

Over the past few years, the JMM has evolved, with more talks, sessions and panels on mathematics education, applied mathematics, the arts, recreational mathematics, history, BIG (Business, Industry and Government) career options, professional concerns and much more.

To enrich the experience over the years, we have also sought and welcomed the participation of “sister” professional organizations and groups. At present, multiple mathematical organizations participate in the JMM, such as the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL), Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM), National Association of Mathematicians (NAM), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), the mathematics institutes, plus many exhibitors and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Each offers unique contributions to JMM. We encourage individual members of all the organizations, including students and those who work in business, industry and government, to propose sessions, panels and workshops and to come to JMM. Although the AMS will manage the JMM, it will remain very much “joint!”

A gathering for all mathematicians

We believe that the JMM must continue to welcome the diverse mathematical community from around the world to present research, share insights on teaching and learning mathematics, experience the wide range of exhibitors, and meet colleagues, old and new.

Events at the JMM must support mathematicians at every stage of their careers and create important connections. The JMM engages attendees in sessions related to research, teaching, science and education policy, and professional development, and we plan to both maintain and strengthen this in 2022 and beyond.

The JMM will continue to offer travel grants, a Department Chairs Workshop, an Employment Center, short courses, special lectures, social events, and poster, contributed, and special sessions.

The JMM will continue to reflect the mathematical community’s shared interests in advancing mathematical research, engaging creatively with teaching, and supporting mathematicians throughout their careers, along with a commitment to diversity, inclusion, education, and policy issues affecting our discipline.

In fact, many existing joint activities involving the MAA will remain at JMM, such as the Gerald and Judith Porter Public Lecture; the AMS-MAA Invited Address; the ceremony to honor recipients of the Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate Student; and the presentation of the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics Communications Award.

Even so, we see our host role as a chance to launch a “new and improved” model for the JMM in 2022. There is ample time to engage in thoughtful discussions and careful planning with the help and input of our community. Now that you’ve read about the JMM and where we’re headed (Denver in 2020, Washington D.C. in 2021, Seattle in 2022 and Boston in 2023...) we look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you again at the January mathematical meetings.