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AMS Presidents
Eric M. FriedlanderPhotograph by Tom Stio Photography

61. Eric M. Friedlander

President 2011–2012

PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970

Eric Friedlander received his doctorate in mathematics in 1970 from MIT, where he studied with Michael Artin. After spending some years at Princeton University, he went to Northwestern University in 1975, where he was a professor and in 1999 named the Henry S. Noyes Professor of Mathematics. In 2008 he became Dean’s Professor of Mathematics at the University of Southern California.

Friedlander is a leader in a number of diverse fields, especially algebraic K -theory, cohomology of algebraic groups, representation theory, and cohomology theories for algebraic varieties, and author of numerous papers and monographs. For his work, Eric has earned a number of important honors, including a Humboldt prize, invitations to speak at the International Congress of Mathematicians, and, in 2005, being elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Friedlander is a Fellow of the AMS.

His service to the mathematical community includes four terms as chair of the Northwestern and USC mathematics departments, Chair of the USNC/Math, Chair of AAAS/Math, Board member of TPSE/Math, and organizer of many conferences. He served as Associate Dean of Science at Northwestern and serves on the Board of International Scientific Organizations.

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