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Archive of Rochester Task Force pages

Pages from the AMS website detailing the Rochester Task Force have been archived in a single 128 page pdf file.

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Summary of events

Read an overview of University of Rochester's decision in the May 1996 Notices of the AMS.

  • In mid-November, 1995, the University of Rochester announced it would terminate its PhD program in mathematics, reduce the size of its mathematics faculty from 21 to 10, and use adjuncts for teaching. These actions were part of a plan to restructure the university in order to address its serious financial problems.
  • President Cathleen Morawetz appointed a high-level Task Force to study the situation and recommend actions.
  • In December of 1995 the AMS sent a fact-finding committee to Rochester to talk to members of the mathematics department, faculty in other departments, and administrators.
  • A number of mathematics departments in other institutions passed resolutions protesting Rochester's decision.
  • Dozens of mathematicians and prominent researchers in other areas of science wrote to the university administration urging them to reconsider their plans for the mathematics department.
  • On March 29, 1996, the University of Rochester announced its reversal. The university administration agreed, among other things, to retain the PhD program and the mathematics department pledged to redouble efforts to improve undergraduate teaching.