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The amsrefs Package

amsrefs is included on TeX Live and other distributions from 2009 or later. If you don't have such a distribution installed, use the following instructions.

Download amsrefs version 2.14   (
This archive will unpack into an existing TEXMF structure, in most cases providing a ready-to-use installation.

What is amsrefs?

amsrefs is an extension package for LaTeX that has the following features:

  • Bibliography style is controlled completely through LaTeX instead of being determined partly by a BibTeX style file and partly through LaTeX.
  • The same data format is used in the database file and in the LaTeX document.
    • An amsrefs-format database is a valid LaTeX document that can be printed directly.
    • An author can send an article with embedded references to a publisher without any loss of internal structural information about the entries.
  • It is possible to begin using the amsrefs package without abandoning your existing BibTeX database files.


  • A working TeX system
    TeX is not an AMS product. See the AMS TeX Resources page for sources.
  • A current working LaTeX system, dated September 2009 or later
    LaTeX is not an AMS product. See the LaTeX Project home page for information if you do not already have LaTeX. (LaTeX is included in all typical TeX distributions.)

Documentation for amsrefs