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TeX Resources

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) offers access to a family of TeX-related products for the convenience of authors and MathSciNet searchers.

American Mathematical Society TeX Products

For the convenience of authors, the AMS supports a family of TeX-related style file collections, fonts, manuals, and author packages for preparing submissions to AMS publications.

  • The following collections provide basic support for preparation of mathematical publications. Each collection includes a user's guide. These collections are bundled as zip files suitable for all platforms.
    They are also part of the basic TeX Live distribution; if you already have a recent TeX Live (or similar system-specific) installation, it is not necessary to obtain these collections separately.
  • Some additional LaTeX utilities are not part of the above collections:
    • amsrefs -- control bibliography style through LaTeX rather than BibTeX
    • snapshot -- create a list of external dependencies for a LaTeX document

Author Packages

Tools for Reference Checking and Linking

  • Authors can access the MR Database to verify and create references that can link to MathSciNet items and original sources.
  • MRef is the free AMS tool for creating standard references with links to MathSciNet.
    • Input is unfielded, meaning that no special input format is required, beyond entering the author name(s) first.
    • Punctuation and formatting (e.g., TeX and HTML) is ignored.
    • MRef returns formatted bibliographic data together with active links to MathSciNet.
    • The formats include MathSciNet, BibTeX, and AMSRefs.
  • MR Lookup is another free tool for referencing and linking available from the AMS. Data can be retrieved in BibTeX format.

Support for American Mathematical Society TeX Products

  • Support for these products is available from
    Technical Support
    Publications Technical Group
    American Mathematical Society
    201 Charles Street
    Providence, RI 02904-2213
  • The AMS online bookstore contains a selection of TeX-related titles and other works relevant to writing mathematics.