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Contemporary Mathematics

Established in 1980, this series of high-quality, refereed proceedings written by recognized experts in their fields maintains high scientific standards. Volumes draw from worldwide conferences and symposia sponsored by the American Mathematical Society and other organizations.

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Volume Title
CONM/104 Accessible Categories: The Foundations of Categorical Model Theory - Michael Makkai and Robert Paré
CONM/103 Coloring Theories - Steve Fisk
CONM/102 Primes Associated to an Ideal - Stephen McAdam
CONM/101 Recent Developments in Geometry - S.-Y. Cheng, H. Choi and Robert E. Greene, Editors
CONM/100 Current Progress in Hyperbolic Systems: Riemann Problems and Computations - W. Brent Lindquist, Editor
CONM/099 The Connection between Infinite Dimensional and Finite Dimensional Dynamical Systems - Basil Nicolaenko, Ciprian Foias and Roger Temam, Editors
CONM/098 Every Planar Map is Four Colorable - Kenneth Appel and Wolfgang Haken
CONM/097 Dynamics and Control of Multibody Systems - J. E. Marsden, P. S. Krishnaprasad and J. C. Simo, Editors
CONM/096 Algebraic Topology - Mark Mahowald and Stewart Priddy, Editors
CONM/095 Infinite Algebraic Extensions of Finite Fields - Joel V. Brawley and George E. Schnibben
CONM/094 Measure and Measurable Dynamics - R. Daniel Mauldin, R. M. Shortt and Cesar E. Silva, Editors
CONM/093 Representation Theory, Group Rings, and Coding Theory - M. Isaacs, A. Lichtman, D. Passman, S. Sehgal, N. J. A. Sloane and H. Zassenhaus, Editors
CONM/092 Categories in Computer Science and Logic - John W. Gray and Andre Scedrov, Editors
CONM/091 Commutative Harmonic Analysis - David Colella, Editor
CONM/090 Singularities - Richard Randell, Editor
CONM/089 Graphs and Algorithms - R. Bruce Richter, Editor
CONM/088 Invariant Theory - R. Fossum, W. Haboush, M. Hochster and V. Lakshmibai, Editors
CONM/087 Abelian Group Theory - László Fuchs, Rüdiger Göbel and Phillip Schultz, Editors
CONM/086 Representation Theory and Number Theory in Connection with the Local Langlands Conjecture - J. Ritter, Editor
CONM/085 Banach Space Theory - Bor-Luh Lin, Editor
CONM/084 Partition Problems in Topology - Stevo Todorčević
CONM/083 Algebraic $K$-Theory and Algebraic Number Theory - Michael R. Stein and R. Keith Dennis, Editors
CONM/082 Classical Groups and Related Topics - Alexander J. Hahn, Donald G. James and Zhe Xian Wan, Editors