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Contemporary Mathematics

Established in 1980, this series of high-quality, refereed proceedings written by recognized experts in their fields maintains high scientific standards. Volumes draw from worldwide conferences and symposia sponsored by the American Mathematical Society and other organizations.

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Volume Title
CONM/123 Enumerative Algebraic Geometry - Steven L. Kleiman and Anders Thorup, Editors
CONM/122 Inverse Scattering and Applications - D. H. Sattinger, C. A. Tracy and S. Venakides, Editors
CONM/121 Spinor Construction of Vertex Operator Algebras, Triality, and $E^{(1)}_{8}$ - Alex J. Feingold, Igor B. Frenkel and John F. X. Ries
CONM/120 Selfadjoint and Nonselfadjoint Operator Algebras and Operator Theory - Robert S. Doran, Editor
CONM/119 Vision Geometry - Robert A. Melter, Azriel Rosenfeld and Prabir Bhattacharya, Editors
CONM/118 Probability Theory and Its Applications in China - Shi Jian Yan and Jia Gang Wang, Editors
CONM/117 Continuum Theory and Dynamical Systems - Morton Brown, Editor
CONM/116 Algebraic Geometry: Sundance 1988 - Brian Harbourne and Robert Speiser, Editors
CONM/115 Statistical Multiple Integration - Nancy Flournoy and Robert K. Tsutakawa, Editors