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Contemporary Mathematics

Established in 1980, this series of high-quality, refereed proceedings written by recognized experts in their fields maintains high scientific standards. Volumes draw from worldwide conferences and symposia sponsored by the American Mathematical Society and other organizations.

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Volume Title
CONM/230 Higher Category Theory - Ezra Getzler and Mikhail Kapranov, Editors
CONM/229 Trends in the Representation Theory of Finite Dimensional Algebras - Edward L. Green and Birge Huisgen-Zimmermann, Editors
CONM/228 Operator Algebras and Operator Theory - Liming Ge, Huaxin Lin, Zhong-Jin Ruan, Dianzhou Zhang and Shuang Zhang, Editors
CONM/220 Homotopy Theory via Algebraic Geometry and Group Representations - Mark Mahowald and Stewart Priddy, Editors
CONM/219 Secondary Calculus and Cohomological Physics - Marc Henneaux, Joseph Krasil′shchik and Alexandre Vinogradov, Editors
CONM/218 Domain Decomposition Methods 10 - Jan Mandel, Charbel Farhat and Xiao-Chuan Cai, Editors
CONM/217 Advances in Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics - Eric Carlen, Evans M. Harrell and Michael Loss, Editors
CONM/216 Wavelets, Multiwavelets, and Their Applications - Akram Aldroubi and EnBing Lin, Editors
CONM/215 Topological Dynamics and Applications - M. G. Nerurkar, D. P. Dokken and D. B. Ellis, Editors
CONM/214 Perspectives on Quantization - Lewis A. Coburn and Marc A. Rieffel, Editors
CONM/213 Studies on Composition Operators - Farhad Jafari, Barbara D. MacCluer, Carl C. Cowen and A. Duane Porter, Editors
CONM/212 Operator Theory for Complex and Hypercomplex Analysis - E. Ramírez de Arellano, N. Salinas, M. V. Shapiro and N. L. Vasilevski, Editors
CONM/210 Number Theory - V. Kumar Murty and Michel Waldschmidt, Editors