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DIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

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Volume Title
DIMACS/006 Discrete and Computational Geometry: Papers from the DIMACS Special Year - Jacob Eli Goodman, Richard Pollack and William L. Steiger, Editors
DIMACS/005 Reliability of Computer and Communication Networks - Fred Stephen Roberts, Frank K. Hwang and Clyde L. Monma, Editors
DIMACS/004 Applied Geometry and Discrete Mathematics: The Victor Klee Festschrift - Bernd Sturmfels and Peter Gritzmann, Editors
DIMACS/003 Computer-Aided Verification ’90 - Robert P. Kurshan and Edmund E. Clarke, Editors
DIMACS/002 Distributed Computing and Cryptography - Joan Feigenbaum and Michael J. Merritt, Editors