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Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society

The Memoirs of the AMS series is devoted to the publication of research in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. The Memoirs is designed particularly to publish long papers or groups of cognate papers in book form, and is under the supervision of the Editorial Committee of the AMS journal Transactions of the AMS.

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Volume 52

Number Title
MEMO/0313 Noncommutative microlocal analysis. I - Michael E. Taylor
MEMO/0312 Qualitative analysis of the anisotropic Kepler problem - Josefina Casasayas and Jaume Llibre
MEMO/0311 Measurable selectors of $\underline{PCA}$ multifunctions with applications - Marian Srebrny

Volume 51

Number Title
MEMO/0310 Special and spurious solutions of $ẋ(t)=-𝛼f(x(t-1))$ - Roger D. Nussbaum and Heinz-Otto Peitgen
MEMO/0309 An extension of the Galois theory of Grothendieck - André Joyal and Myles Tierney
MEMO/0308 The Hodge theory of stable curves - Jerome William Hoffman
MEMO/0307 Pettis integral and measure theory - Michel Talagrand

Volume 50

Number Title
MEMO/0306 The unfolding and determinacy theorems for subgroups of $\scr A$ and $\scr K$ - James Damon
MEMO/0305 The lattice of interpretability types of varieties - O. C. García and W. Taylor
MEMO/0304 Dimensions of spaces of Siegel cusp forms of degree two and three - Min King Eie

Volume 49

Number Title
MEMO/0303 Multipliers of radical Banach algebras of power series - W. G. Bade, H. G. Dales and K. B. Laursen
MEMO/0302 The structure of shock waves in magnetohydrodynamics - Mahmud Hesaaraki
MEMO/0301 Generalized Frobenius partitions - George E. Andrews
MEMO/0300 Recurrence relations, continued fractions, and orthogonal polynomials - Richard Askey and Mourad Ismail
MEMO/0299 Special values of Dirichlet series, monodromy, and the periods of automorphic forms - Peter Stiller

Volume 48

Number Title
MEMO/0298 Reminiscences about the origins of linear programming - George B. Dantzig
MEMO/0297 An infinitesimal approach to stochastic analysis - H. Jerome Keisler
MEMO/0296 Théorèmes d’indices Gevrey pour les équations différentielles ordinaires - Jean-Pierre Ramis
MEMO/0295 Forcing and classifying topoi - Andrej Ščedrov

Volume 47

Number Title
MEMO/0294 Index theory in von Neumann algebras - Catherine L. Olsen
MEMO/0293 Maximal functions measuring smoothness - Ronald A. DeVore and Robert C. Sharpley
MEMO/0292 Nonmodular lattice varieties - Henry Rose
MEMO/0291 Iterated integrals and homotopy periods - Richard M. Hain
MEMO/0290 Irreducible triangular algebras - Baruch Solel
MEMO/0289 A computer-assisted proof of universality for area-preserving maps - J.-P. Eckmann, H. Koch and P. Wittwer