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Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society

The Memoirs of the AMS series is devoted to the publication of research in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. The Memoirs is designed particularly to publish long papers or groups of cognate papers in book form, and is under the supervision of the Editorial Committee of the AMS journal Transactions of the AMS.

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Volume 82

Number Title
MEMO/0418 The basis problem for modular forms on $\Gamma _0(N)$ - Hiroaki Hijikata, Arnold K. Pizer and Thomas R. Shemanske
MEMO/0417 Completing the Riesz-Dunford functional calculus - John B. Conway, Domingo A. Herrero and Bernard B. Morrel
MEMO/0416 Topologies on pseudo-trees and applications - Jacek Nikiel

Volume 81

Number Title
MEMO/0415 Ueda theory: theorems and problems - Amnon Neeman
MEMO/0414 Actions of linearly reductive groups on affine PI algebras - Nikolaus Vonessen
MEMO/0413 Unimodal, log-concave and Pólya frequency sequences in combinatorics - Francesco Brenti
MEMO/0412 Rings of differential operators on classical rings of invariants - T. Levasseur and J. T. Stafford
MEMO/0411 $3$-manifolds which are end $1$-movable - Matthew G. Brin and T. L. Thickstun
MEMO/0410 The metaplectic representation, ${\rm Mp}^c$ structures and geometric quantization - P. L. Robinson and J. H. Rawnsley

Volume 80

Number Title
MEMO/0409 Continuous analogues of Fock space - William Arveson
MEMO/0408 Two-dimensional tame and maximal orders of finite representation type - Idun Reiten and Michel Van den Bergh
MEMO/0407 Représentations de longueur finie des groupes de Lie résolubles - Fokko du Cloux
MEMO/0406 Fibrations and bundles with Hilbert cube manifold fibers - H. Toruńczyk and J. West
MEMO/0405 Blaschke’s rolling theorem in ${\bf R}^n$ - J. N. Brooks and J. B. Strantzen

Volume 79

Number Title
MEMO/0404 Freyd’s models for the independence of the axiom of choice - Andreas Blass and Andre Scedrov
MEMO/0403 The oscillator duality correspondence for the pair ${\rm O}(2,2),\;{\rm Sp}(2,{\bf R})$ - Tomasz Przebinda
MEMO/0402 Hyperbolic periodic solutions, heteroclinic connections and transversal homoclinic points in autonomous differential delay equations - Hans-Otto Walther
MEMO/0401 Iterated nonlinear maps and Hilbert’s projective metric. II - Roger D. Nussbaum

Volume 78

Number Title
MEMO/0400 Scattering operator, Eisenstein series, inner product formula and “Maass-Selberg” relations for Kleinian groups - Nikolaos Mandouvalos
MEMO/0399 Semiclassical theory of shape resonances in quantum mechanics - P. D. Hislop and I. M. Sigal
MEMO/0398 Large deviations, free energy functional and quasi-potential for a mean field model of interacting diffusions - D. A. Dawson and J. Gärtner

Volume 77

Number Title
MEMO/0397 The basic theory of real closed spaces - Niels Schwartz
MEMO/0396 Algebraizable logics - W. J. Blok and Don Pigozzi
MEMO/0395 The analytic theory of multiplicative Galois structure - Ted Chinburg
MEMO/0394 Quadratic forms over ${\bf Q}$ and Galois extensions of commutative rings - Frank DeMeyer, David Harrison and Rick Miranda
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