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Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society

The Memoirs of the AMS series is devoted to the publication of research in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. The Memoirs is designed particularly to publish long papers or groups of cognate papers in book form, and is under the supervision of the Editorial Committee of the AMS journal Transactions of the AMS.

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Volume 136

Number Title
MEMO/0651 Hopf algebras, polynomial formal groups, and Raynaud orders - Lindsay N. Childs, Cornelius Greither, David J. Moss, Jim Sauerberg and Karl Zimmermann
MEMO/0650 Invariants under tori of rings of differential operators and related topics - Ian M. Musson and Michel Van den Bergh
MEMO/0649 Rank $3$ amalgams - Bernd Stellmacher and Franz Georg Timmesfeld
MEMO/0648 Flat extensions of positive moment matrices: recursively generated relations - Raúl E. Curto and Lawrence A. Fialkow
MEMO/0647 Almost automorphic and almost periodic dynamics in skew-product semiflows - Wenxian Shen and Yingfei Yi
MEMO/0646 Controllability, stabilization and the regulator problem for random differential systems - Russell Johnson and Mahesh Nerurkar

Volume 135

Number Title
MEMO/0645 Existence and persistence of invariant manifolds for semiflows in Banach space - Peter W. Bates, Kening Lu and Chongchun Zeng
MEMO/0644 Bosonic construction of vertex operator para-algebras from symplectic affine Kac-Moody algebras - Michael David Weiner
MEMO/0643 Spectral asymptotics on degenerating hyperbolic $3$-manifolds - Józef Dodziuk and Jay Jorgenson
MEMO/0642 Basic almost-poised hypergeometric series - Wenchang Chu
MEMO/0641 Algebro-geometric quasi-periodic finite-gap solutions of the Toda and Kac-van Moerbeke hierarchies - W. Bulla, F. Gesztesy, H. Holden and G. Teschl

Volume 134

Number Title
MEMO/0640 Wandering vectors for unitary systems and orthogonal wavelets - Xingde Dai and David R. Larson
MEMO/0639 Structurally stable quadratic vector fields - Joan C. Artés, Robert E. Kooij and Jaume Llibre
MEMO/0638 Higher initial ideals of homogeneous ideals - Gunnar Fløystad
MEMO/0637 Cyclic feedback systems - Tomáš Gedeon
MEMO/0636 Nonlinear eigenvalues and analytic-hypoellipticity - Ching-Chau Yu
MEMO/0635 On stability and endoscopic transfer of unipotent orbital integrals on $p$-adic symplectic groups - Magdy Assem

Volume 133

Number Title
MEMO/0634 Conjugacy of ${\rm Alt}_5$ and ${\rm SL}(2,5)$ subgroups of $E_8({\bf C})$ - Darrin D. Frey
MEMO/0633 Algebraic structure of pseudocompact groups - Dikran Dikranjan and Dmitri Shakhmatov
MEMO/0632 Time-dependent subdifferential evolution inclusions and optimal control - Shouchuan Hu and Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou
MEMO/0631 The Siegel modular variety of degree two and level four - Ronnie Lee and Steven H. Weintraub
MEMO/0630 The $\Gamma $-equivariant form of the Berezin quantization of the upper half plane - Florin Rădulescu

Volume 132

Number Title
MEMO/0629 Short-time geometry of random heat kernels - Richard B. Sowers
MEMO/0628 The integral manifolds of the three body problem - Christopher K. McCord, Kenneth R. Meyer and Quidong Wang
MEMO/0627 Combinatorial theory of the free product with amalgamation and operator-valued free probability theory - Roland Speicher
MEMO/0626 Abelian Galois cohomology of reductive groups - Mikhail Borovoi
MEMO/0625 The study of minimax inequalities and applications to economies and variational inequalities - George Xian-Zhi Yuan

Volume 131

Number Title
MEMO/0624 A continuum limit of the Toda lattice - P. Deift and K. T-R McLaughlin
MEMO/0623 Relations related to betweenness: their structure and automorphisms - S. A. Adeleke and Peter M. Neumann
MEMO/0622 Hodge theory in the Sobolev topology for the de Rham complex - Luigi Fontana, Steven G. Krantz and Marco M. Peloso
MEMO/0621 The classification of countable homogeneous directed graphs and countable homogeneous $n$-tournaments - Gregory L. Cherlin
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