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Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society

The Memoirs of the AMS series is devoted to the publication of research in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. The Memoirs is designed particularly to publish long papers or groups of cognate papers in book form, and is under the supervision of the Editorial Committee of the AMS journal Transactions of the AMS.

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Volume 166

Number Title
MEMO/0790 Yang-Mills measure on compact surfaces - Thierry Lévy
MEMO/0789 Positive definite functions on infinite-dimensional convex cones - Helge Glöckner
MEMO/0788 $\scr R$-boundedness, Fourier multipliers and problems of elliptic and parabolic type - Robert Denk, Matthias Hieber and Jan Prüss

Volume 165

Number Title
MEMO/0787 Interpolation of weighted Banach lattices. A characterization of relatively decomposable Banach lattices - Michael Cwikel, Per G. Nilsson and Gideon Schechtman
MEMO/0786 Radially symmetric patterns of reaction-diffusion systems - Arnd Scheel
MEMO/0785 The connective $K$-theory of finite groups - R. R. Bruner and J. P. C. Greenlees
MEMO/0784 Invariants of boundary link cobordism - Desmond Sheiham

Volume 164

Number Title
MEMO/0783 Dynamics of topologically generic homeomorphisms - Ethan Akin, Mike Hurley and Judy A. Kennedy
MEMO/0782 On central critical values of the degree four $L$-functions for GSp(4): the fundamental lemma - Masaaki Furusawa and Joseph A. Shalika
MEMO/0781 Anisotropic Hardy spaces and wavelets - Marcin Bownik
MEMO/0780 Quasianalytic monogenic solutions of a cohomological equation - S. Marmi and D. Sauzin
MEMO/0779 $h$-principles and flexibility in geometry - Hansjörg Geiges

Volume 163

Number Title
MEMO/0778 Numerical control over complex analytic singularities - David B. Massey
MEMO/0777 Pseudodifferential analysis on conformally compact spaces - Robert Lauter
MEMO/0776 Banach embedding properties of non-commutative $L^p$-spaces - U. Haagerup, H. P. Rosenthal and F. A. Sukochev
MEMO/0775 On the splitting of invariant manifolds in multidimensional near-integrable Hamiltonian systems - P. Lochak, J.-P. Marco and D. Sauzin
MEMO/0774 Derived $l$-adic categories for algebraic stacks - Kai A. Behrend

Volume 162

Number Title
MEMO/0773 The rational function analogue of a question of Schur and exceptionality of permutation representations - Robert M. Guralnick, Peter Müller and Jan Saxl
MEMO/0772 The moduli space of $N=1$ superspheres with tubes and the sewing operation - Katrina Barron
MEMO/0771 Affine flows on 3-manifolds - Shigenori Matsumoto
MEMO/0770 Elliptic partial differential operators and symplectic algebra - W. N. Everitt and L. Markus
MEMO/0769 Homotopy theory of the suspensions of the projective plane - Jie Wu

Volume 161

Number Title
MEMO/0768 Limit theorems for null recurrent Markov processes - R. Höpfner and E. Löcherbach
MEMO/0767 $S$-modules in the category of schemes - Po Hu
MEMO/0766 On the classification of Polish metric spaces up to isometry - Su Gao and Alexander S. Kechris
MEMO/0765 Connectivity properties of group actions on non-positively curved spaces - Robert Bieri and Ross Geoghegan
MEMO/0764 Noether-Lefschetz problems for degeneracy loci - J. Spandaw
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