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Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society

The Memoirs of the AMS series is devoted to the publication of research in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. The Memoirs is designed particularly to publish long papers or groups of cognate papers in book form, and is under the supervision of the Editorial Committee of the AMS journal Transactions of the AMS.

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Volume 178

Number Title
MEMO/0841 Quasi-ordinary power series and their zeta functions - Enrique Artal Bartolo, Pierrette Cassou-Noguès, Ignacio Luengo and Alejandro Melle Hernández
MEMO/0840 The complex Monge-Ampère equation and pluripotential theory - Sławomir Kołodziej
MEMO/0839 A random tiling model for two dimensional electrostatics - Mihai Ciucu
MEMO/0838 Integrable Hamiltonian systems on complex Lie groups - V. Jurdjevic
MEMO/0837 Lax-Phillips scattering and conservative linear systems: a Cuntz-algebra multidimensional setting - Joseph A. Ball and Victor Vinnikov

Volume 177

Number Title
MEMO/0836 The second duals of Beurling algebras - H. G. Dales and A. T.-M. Lau
MEMO/0835 Higher complex torsion and the framing principle - Kiyoshi Igusa
MEMO/0834 Kleinian groups which are limits of geometrically finite groups - Ken’ichi Ohshika
MEMO/0833 Rigidity theorems for actions of product groups and countable Borel equivalence relations - Greg Hjorth and Alexander S. Kechris

Volume 176

Number Title
MEMO/0832 Representation type of commutative Noetherian rings. III. Global wildness and tameness - Lee Klingler and Lawrence S. Levy
MEMO/0831 The complete dimension theory of partially ordered systems with equivalence and orthogonality - K. R. Goodearl and F. Wehrung
MEMO/0830 A generating function approach to the enumeration of matrices in classical groups over finite fields - Jason Fulman, Peter M. Neumann and Cheryl E. Praeger
MEMO/0829 Entropy bounds and isoperimetry - S. G. Bobkov and B. Zegarlinski

Volume 175

Number Title
MEMO/0828 Generative complexity in algebra - Joel Berman and PawełM. Idziak
MEMO/0827 Fermionic expressions for minimal model Virasoro characters - Trevor A. Welsh
MEMO/0826 Large viscous boundary layers for noncharacteristic nonlinear hyperbolic problems - Guy Métivier and Kevin Zumbrun
MEMO/0825 Integral transformations and anticipative calculus for fractional Brownian motions - Yaozhong Hu

Volume 174

Number Title
MEMO/0824 On dynamical Poisson groupoids. I - Luen-Chau Li and Serge Parmentier
MEMO/0823 An analogue of a reductive algebraic monoid whose unit group is a Kac-Moody group - Claus Mokler
MEMO/0822 Maximum principles on Riemannian manifolds and applications - Stefano Pigola, Marco Rigoli and Alberto G. Setti
MEMO/0821 Local zeta functions attached to the minimal spherical series for a class of symmetric spaces - Nicole Bopp and Hubert Rubenthaler

Volume 173

Number Title
MEMO/0820 Conformal and harmonic measures on laminations associated with rational maps - Vadim A. Kaimanovich and Mikhail Lyubich
MEMO/0819 Hilbert modular forms: mod $p$ and $p$-adic aspects - F. Andreatta and E. Z. Goren
MEMO/0818 An algebraic structure for Moufang quadrangles - Tom De Medts
MEMO/0817 Moduli spaces of polynomials in two variables - Javier Fernández de Bobadilla
MEMO/0816 Necessary conditions in dynamic optimization - Francis Clarke