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MBK/84/90 Cover
Richard Evan Schwartz
This set is an entertaining learning experience for mathematical minds both young and young at heart
List Price: US$40
Member Price:US$32
MBK/93 Cover
Linda Keen, Irwin Kra, and Rubí E. Rodrígue
This book is all about Lipman Bers. It captures the essence of his mathematics and his personality. It contains autobiographical material and short reprints of his work …more
List price: US$44
Member Price:US$35.20
MCL/5 Cover
Alexander Zvonkin
This book is a captivating account of a professional mathematician's experiences conducting a math circle for preschoolers …more
List price:US$25
Member Price:US$20
STML/74 Cover
Mohamed Elhamdadi and Sam Nelson
This book provides an accessible introduction to quandle theory for readers with a background in linear algebra …more
List price: US$49
Member Price:US$39.20
COLL/60 Cover
László Lovász
Authored by a leading expert in the subject, this coherent and accessible book describes one recent approach to the study of large networks, the limit theory of graphs, which has emerged over the past decade, and bears rich connections to other approaches to the study of large networks …more
List price: US$99
Member Price:US$79.20
SURV/204 Cover
Victor M. Buchstaber and Taras E. Panov
This book is about toric topology and includes many open problems and is addressed to experts, graduate students, and young researchers ready to enter this beautiful new area …more
List price:US$110.00
Member Price:US$88

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