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MBK/84/90 Cover
Richard Evan Schwartz
This set is an entertaining learning experience for mathematical minds both young and young at heart
List Price: US$40
Member Price:US$32
MBK/94 Cover
Philip J. Davis
This book is written in a nontechnical fashion and contains observations or incidental remarks on mathematics, its nature, its impacts on education and science and technology, and its personalities and philosophies …more
List price: US$39
Member Price:US$31.20
MCL/11 Cover
Anna Burago
This book contains everything that is needed to run a successful yearlong mathematical circle for students in grades 5 to 7, distributed among 29 lessons: detailed lectures and discussions, sets of problems with solutions, and contests and games, plus valuable know-how on the running of a circle …more
List price:US$25
Member Price:US$20
MAWRLD/29 Cover
Margaret Cozzens and Steven J. Miller
An historical and mathematical tour of cryptography, from classical ciphers to quantum cryptography, that provides an exciting introduction to liberal arts students without losing mathematical completeness …more
List price: US$49
Member Price:US$39.20
STML/71 Cover
Joel Spencer
The objective of this book is to present, in a manner accessible to strong undergraduates and even talented high school students, the ideas of how to approach asymptotic problems that arise in discrete mathematics, analysis of algorithms, and number theory …more
List price: US$39
Member Price:US$31.20
SURV/203 Cover
Donald Yau and Mark W. Johnson
This book develops, in full technical detail, a unifying object called a generalized PROP, studying the fundamental operation of graph substitution in complete detail
List price:US$110.00
Member Price:US$88

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