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Nonlinear and Global Analysis
Edited by: Felix E. Browder

Reprints from the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
1992; 625 pp; softcover
Volume: 1
ISBN-10: 0-8218-8500-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-8500-0
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This volume contains a number of research-expository articles that appeared in the Bulletin of the AMS between 1979 and 1984 and that address the general area of nonlinear functional analysis and global analysis and their applications. The central theme concerns qualitative methods in the study of nonlinear problems arising in applied mathematics, mathematical physics, and geometry. Since these articles first appeared, the methods and ideas they describe have been applied in an ever-widening array of applications. Readers will find this collection useful, as it brings together a range of influential papers by some of the leading researchers in the field.


Research mathematicians and physicists.


"Absolutely fascinating ... most of the papers, which have already been through the sieve of the Bulletin of the AMS, are well-written and comprehensive. The volume is well-worth buying and reasonably priced; highly recommended."

-- The Bulletin of Mathematics Books and Computer Software

Table of Contents

  • General theory
  • R. Bott -- Lectures on Morse Theory, old and new
  • F. E. Browder -- Fixed point theory and nonlinear problems
  • I. Ekeland -- Nonconvex minimization problems
  • L. Nirenberg -- Variational and topological methods in nonlinear problems
  • R. S. Hamilton -- The inverse function theorem of Nash and Moser
  • Applications
  • S. S. Antman -- The influence of elasticity on analysis: modern developments
  • H. Brezis -- Periodic solutions of nonlinear vibrating strings and duality principles
  • D. H. Sattinger -- Bifurcation and symmetry breaking in applied mathematics
  • J. W. Helton -- Non-Euclidean functional analysis and electronics
  • Dynamical systems
  • M. W. Hirsch -- The dynamical systems approach to differential equations
  • S. Smale -- The fundamental theorem of algebra and complexity theory
  • P. Blanchard -- Complex analytic dynamics on the Riemann sphere
  • D. Sullivan -- Discrete conformal groups and measurable dynamics
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