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Low Dimensional Topology
Edited by: Samuel J. Lomonaco, Jr.

Contemporary Mathematics
1983; 346 pp; softcover
Volume: 20
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5016-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5016-9
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This volume arose from a special session on Low Dimensional Topology organized and conducted by Dr. Lomonaco at the American Mathematical Society meeting held in San Francisco, California, January 7-11, 1981.

Table of Contents

  • J. S. Birman and R. F. Williams -- Knotted periodic orbits in dynamical systems II: Knot holders for fibered knots
  • S. A. Bleiler -- Doubly prime knots
  • J. Brandenburg, M. Dyer, and R. Strebel -- On J.~H.~C.~Whitehead's aspherical question II
  • R. Fenn and D. Sjerve -- Geometric cohomology theory
  • R. Fintushel and R. J. Stern -- Seifert fibered 3-manifolds and nonorientable 4-manifolds
  • M. H. Freedman -- A conservative Dehn's lemma
  • D. Gabai -- The Murasugi sum is a natural geometric operation
  • D. Gillman and D. Rolfsen -- Manifolds and their special spines
  • S. Jajodia and B. Magurn -- Realizing units as Whitehead torsions in low dimensions
  • D. Johnson -- A survey of the Torelli group
  • L. H. Kauffman -- Combinatorics and knot theory
  • R. Kramer -- Dehn twists and handlebodies of genus two
  • J. P. Levine -- Localization of link modules
  • A. Libgober -- Alexander modules of plane algebraic curves
  • S. J. Lomonaco, Jr. -- Five dimensional knot theory
  • T. Maeda and K. Murasugi -- Covering linkage invariants and Fox's problem 13
  • R. Mandelbaum and B. Moishezon -- Numeric invariants in 3-manifolds
  • W. W. Menasco -- Polyhedra representation of link complements
  • J. J. Ratcliffe -- A fibered knot in a homology 3-sphere whose group is nonclassical
  • M. Scharlemann and C. Squier -- Automorphisms of the free group of rank two without finite orbits
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