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Methods and Applications of Mathematical Logic
Edited by: Walter A. Carnielli and Luiz Paulo de Alcantara

Contemporary Mathematics
1988; 250 pp; softcover
Volume: 69
ISBN-10: 0-8218-5076-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5076-3
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This volume constitutes the proceedings of the Seventh Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic, held July 29-August 2, 1985, at the University of Campinas in Brazil. Striking a balance between breadth of scope and depth of results, the papers in this collection range over a variety of topics in classical and non-classical logics. The book provides readers with an introduction to the active lines of research in mathematical logic and particularly emphasizes the connections to other fields, especially philosophy, computer science, and probability theory. The potential applicability of the mathematical methods studied in logic has become important because various areas--such as software engineering, mathematical biology, physics, and linguistics--now appear to need mathematical methods of the kind studied in logic.

Table of Contents

  • N. C. A. da Costa and L. P. de Alcantara -- The scientific work of A. I. Arruda
Section I - Foundations of set theory
  • C. A. Di Prisco and W. Marek -- Reflection properties induced by some large cardinal axioms
  • A. Ehrenfeucht, M. Foreman, and J. Malitz -- Taxonometric partitions
  • A. Kanamori -- Diamonds, large cardinals, and ultrafilters
Section II - Algebraic logic
  • M. Guillaume -- Constantes d'une algèbre monadique libre sur une algèbre de Boole et automorphismes, preéservant une partie génératrice de celle-ci
  • L. Iturrioz -- Ordered structures in the description of quantum systems: mathematical progress
Section III - Philosophical aspects of mathematical logic
  • J. E. Fenstad -- Infinities in mathematics and the natural sciences
  • A. R. Raggio -- The 50th anniversary of Gentzen's thesis
Section IV - Interactions between logic, mathematics, and computer science
  • X. Caicedo and A. M. Sette -- Logics and pseudogroups
  • R. Chuaqui -- Sets of relational systems as models for stochastic processes
  • R. L. Epstein -- A general framework for semantics for propositional logics
  • J. Flum -- Formal languages and topological spaces
  • E. H. Haeusler -- Automatic theorem proving: an attempt to improve readability of proofs generated by resolution
  • F. Miraglia -- The downward Löwenheim-Skolem theorem for L-structure in \(\Omega\)-sets
  • D. Mundici -- The derivative of truth in Łukasiewicz sentential calculus
  • J. Stern -- Equivalence relations on lattices and the complexity of the theory of permutations which commute
  • P. A. S. Veloso -- Problem solving by interpretation of theories
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