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Modelling in Healthcare

The Complex Systems Modelling Group (CSMG), The IRMACS Center, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada

2010; 218 pp; hardcover
ISBN-10: 0-8218-4969-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4969-9
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How many patients will require admission to my hospital in two days? How widespread will influenza be in my community in two weeks? What will the changing demographics of our community do to affect demand for medical services in our region in two years? These and similar questions are the province of Modelling in Healthcare. This new volume, presented by the Complex Systems Modelling Group at Simon Fraser University in Canada, uses plain language, sophisticated mathematics and vivid examples to guide and instruct. Sage advice on the benefits and limitations of the modeling process and model predictions is generously distributed so that the reader comes away with an understanding not only of the process but also on the practical uses (and misuses!) of models. Perhaps the most important aspect of this book is that the content and the logic are readily understandable by modelers, administrators and clinicians alike. This volume will surely serve as their common and thus preferred reference for modeling in healthcare for many years.

--Timothy G. Buchman, Ph.D., M.D., FACS, FCCM

Modelling in Healthcare adds much-needed breadth to the curriculum, giving readers the introduction to simulation methods, network analysis, game theory, and other essential modeling techniques that are rarely touched upon by traditional statistics texts.

--Ben Klemens, Ph.D.

Mathematical and statistical modeling has tremendous potential for helping improve the quality and efficiency of health care delivery and as a tool for decision making by health care professionals. This book provides many relevant and successful applications of modeling in health care and can serve as an important resource and guide for those working in this exciting new field.

--Reinhard Laubenbacher, Ph.D.


Anyone interested in mathematics and healthcare.


"A highly useful, readable, complete overview of modelling in healthcare that translate[s] complex questions into elegant, clearly stated models with real world applications that optimally balance the competing needs for simplicity and applicability . . . [T]he book . . . is accessible to those with a rudimentary knowledge, albeit strong interest in statistics and mathematics. All formulas are explained in commonly used language and the book consistently serves healthcare policymakers by providing them with a high-level understanding of how, when, and under what circumstances to apply modelling techniques and serves modellers with an appreciation of the non-mathematical realities of the healthcare world in which people do not consistently behave as rational economic beings . . . Beyond its use as a textbook, this book is a very useful reference for all healthcare researchers . . . The book is very current . . . [and] the organization . . . is extremely user-friendly . . . As the quest to understand the dynamics of any healthcare system becomes more intense, this book is a "must-read" for those who are convinced that the usual and customary explanations are no longer sufficient platforms for policy formation."

-- Judith Bentkover, Brown University

"The book's novel structure made it a fun read, and I enjoyed it from cover to cover."

-- MAA Reviews

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