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2015 MathSciNet
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Read more about the MathSciNet Database

Available by subscription on the Web, MathSciNet is your premier service for searching over 75 years of the world's mathematical literature in the Mathematical Reviews (MR) Database.

MathSciNet contains close to 3 million items and over 1.6 million direct links to original articles in more than 2000 journals from more than 250 publishers. Over 100,000 new items are added each year, most of them classified according to the Mathematics Subject Classification. Each year over 80,000 reviews are added, written by experts around the world. Reference lists are collected and matched internally from over 500 journals. Navigation is simple within MathSciNet's wealth of internal links. The MR Author Database enables searching by verified individuals, rather than name strings.

Read more about the MathSciNet Database

[Best  Content Award] Praise for MathSciNet

"Considering its depth and breadth of coverage, MSN is indispensable for graduate level math and math-related programs ... Considering ease of use, MSN is rich with options for users ... "

"Typeset mathematics is now viewable in modern browsers using MathJax, a big improvement over the raw TeX... [Another] nice feature is the author profiles, which gather together author publications, a subject tag cloud of the author's work, the abstracts he/she has written,... their collaboration distance, cited references to their work, and a link to their profile at the Mathematics Genealogy Project Web site. ...Overall, MathSciNet is a powerful tool for both student and professional for discovering the published mathematics literature."


"MathSciNet offers excellent content with powerful search functionality. The new `Basic Search' option provides a single search field, with `Author' being the default value, reflecting the known usage pattern that the majority of searches in this database are for author. The journals database not only allows searching by title abbreviation, but also tracks recent title changes and links to tables of contents and journal home-pages. The author database is an extremely useful tool for identifying and concatenating different versions of an individual's name. The Help documentation provides clear guidance, and a targeted help message frequently accompanies the notice that a search has produced no hits. The novice user will also appreciate the extensive online demonstration. MathSciNet has the edge on timeliness, both for bibliographic citations and for full reviews. It is a major advantage that all reviews from the beginning of MR are included."

--The Charleston Advisor

"MathSciNet is a unique database of a scholarly nature ... It has excellent coverage of current mathematics literature providing signed reviews of math articles, conference proceedings and books of mathematics research. It is a database which is useful not only to mathematicians but to science and engineering faculty also."

--Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship

"MathSciNet has an especially powerful system of internal links between reviews and provides direct links to the papers themselves if they are available on line. The reviews are classified by subject and are searchable in multiple ways. Thus, it provides an unparalleled method of browsing the literature for serious content (along with accurate bibliographic data)."

--Journal of Electronic Publishing, University of Michigan Press

"I also tried out the links to JSL articles from MathSciNet. This is a terrific service and I am sure many mathematicians will find it extremely useful."

-- C. Ward Henson, Professor of Mathematics,

University of Illinois

"Coverage is current and extensive ... Excellent, broad-based coverage of mathematical and related materials. The format of the database is well thought out, excellently arranged and accessed, with multiple cross references ... Highly recommended ... Very good for research universities ... Easy to use ... Good, comprehensive coverage by date ... Good response time and the report of time taken for each search ... Unique and sophisticated resource which has a long-standing reputation for quality ... MathSciNet is a very important tool for professors who wish to publish ... (Comments from a mathematics professor): `MathSciNet gives instant convenient access to the entire wealth of mathematical knowledge collected over the last six decades. I have used it for several years now, and I can confidently say that it has had a revolutionary effect on how mathematicians gather information about mathematical work that has gone on in the past ... ' Documentation is sound and easily accessible ... Great bargain for the high-quality content ... The system was consistently reliable in terms of connection ... Response time was very good ... Absolutely first-rate in every respect ... An outstanding offer in terms of content and price ... (Comment from a mathematics professor): `Next to a good library, MathSciNet is the most important research tool for anyone who requires mathematical knowledge of any kind. Given its low cost, excellent design and support, and tremendous ease of use, MathSciNet is a dream electronic resource.'"

--from a database review by California State University Electronic Access to Information Resources Committee (EAR)

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A 30-day Free Trial is available to corporations and academic institutions for MathSciNet. To sign up for a 30-day free trial, download the MathSciNet 30-day Free Trial form or, if you have questions, please contact AMS Member and Customer Services at

Mirror Sites

Mirror sites in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Strasbourg, France; Bonn, Germany; Bielefeld, Germany; and a second U.S. site in Houston, Texas, enable alternative, more direct access. Expanded access to MathSciNet via these mirror sites allows users to choose the site that offers them the best performance. Mirror sites offer 24-hour/7-day access to this invaluable resource.

Mathematical Reviews History and Lore

"Chinese Acrobatics, an Old-Time Brewery, and the `Much Needed Gap': The Life of Mathematical Reviews"

MR Past and Present

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