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Following a centuries-old tradition of building on what has gone before, mathematicians continue to mine and utilize insights and results from the classical literature. The mission of the AMS-Chelsea book series is to make some of the most important classics that were once out of print available to new generations of mathematicians and graduate students. The series continues the tradition of the original Chelsea Publishing Company, founded by Aaron Galuten, and contains many of its most successful and recognized titles.

AMS Executive Director John Ewing believes that the acquisition of Chelsea Publishing is a real boon for the mathematical community served by the AMS. "Chelsea books are special to a whole generation of mathematicians, many of whom remember the books fondly from their graduate student days. They are an absolute mathematical treasure, and the AMS is pleased that it can continue to make these publications readily available, especially to new generations of readers." The AMS will maintain the Chelsea Publishing imprint along side its own imprint.

A complete list of available Chelsea publications is available on the AMS Bookstore.

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