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Number Theory

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Mathematics++: Selected Topics Beyond the Basic Courses - Ida Kantor, Charles University, Jiří Matoušek, Charles University, and ETH, and Robert Šámal, Charles University - AMS, 2015, 343 pp., Softcover, ISBN-10: 1-4704-2261-1, ISBN-13: 978-1-4704-2261-5, List: US$49, All AMS Members: US$39.20, All Individuals: US$39.20, STML/75 [textbook-app-math-logo]
Introduction to Analytic and Probabilistic Number Theory: Third Edition - Gérald Tenenbaum, Institut Élie Cartan - AMS, 2015, 629 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-9854-X, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-9854-3, List: US$89, All AMS Members: US$71.20, GSM/163 [textbook]
Sage for Undergraduates - Gregory V. Bard, University of Wisconsin-Stout - AMS, 2015, 352 pp., Softcover, ISBN-10: 1-4704-1111-3, ISBN-13: 978-1-4704-1111-4, List: US$29, Institutional Member: US$23.20, All Individuals: US$21.75, MBK/87 [textbook-app-math-logo]
A Course in Analytic Number Theory - Marius Overholt, University of Tromso - AMS, 2014, 371 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 1-4704-1706-5, ISBN-13: 978-1-4704-1706-2, List: US$79, All AMS Members: US$63.20, GSM/160 [textbook]
The Joy of Factoring - Samuel S. Wagstaff, Jr., Purdue University - AMS, 2013, 293 pp., Softcover, ISBN-10: 1-4704-1048-6, ISBN-13: 978-1-4704-1048-3, List: US$49, Institutional Member: US$39.20, All Individuals: US$39.20, STML/68 [textbook-app-math-logo]
The Mathematics of Encryption: An Elementary Introduction - Margaret Cozzens, DIMACS, Rutgers University, and Steven J. Miller, Williams College - AMS, 2013, 332 pp., Softcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-8321-6, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-8321-1, List: US$49, All AMS Members: US$39.20, MAWRLD/29 [textbook-app-math-logo]
Difference Sets: Connecting Algebra, Combinatorics, and Geometry - Emily H. Moore, Grinnell College, and Harriet S. Pollatsek, Mount Holyoke College - AMS, 2013, 298 pp., Softcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-9176-6, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-9176-6, List: US$49, Institutional Member: US$39.20, All Individuals: US$39.20, STML/67 [textbook]
Number Theory 3: Iwasawa Theory and Modular Forms - Nobushige Kurokawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Masato Kurihara, Keio University, and Takeshi Saito, University of Tokyo - AMS, 2012, 226 pp., Softcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-2095-8, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-2095-7, List: US$53, All AMS Members: US$42.40, MMONO/242 [textbook]
Analytic Number Theory: Exploring the Anatomy of Integers - Jean-Marie De Koninck, Université Laval, and Florian Luca, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México - AMS, 2012, 414 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-7577-9, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-7577-3, List: US$75, All AMS Members: US$60, GSM/134 [textbook]
Number Theory 2: Introduction to Class Field Theory - Kazuya Kato, University of Chicago, Nobushige Kurokawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Takeshi Saito, University of Tokyo - AMS, 2011, 240 pp., Softcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-1355-2, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-1355-3, List: US$52, All AMS Members: US$41.60, MMONO/240 [textbook]
Understanding Numbers in Elementary School Mathematics - Hung-Hsi Wu, University of California - AMS, 2011, 551 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-5260-4, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5260-6, List: US$83, All AMS Members: US$66.40, MBK/79 [textbook]
Algebraic Groups and Differential Galois Theory - Teresa Crespo, Universitat de Barcelona, and Zbigniew Hajto, Jagiellonian University - AMS, 2011, 225 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-5318-X, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-5318-4, List: US$56, All AMS Members: US$44.80, GSM/122 [textbook]
Not Always Buried Deep: A Second Course in Elementary Number Theory - Paul Pollack, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - AMS, 2009, 303 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-4880-1, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4880-7, List: US$66, All AMS Members: US$52.80, MBK/68 [textbook]
Basic Quadratic Forms - Larry J. Gerstein, University of California, Santa Barbara - AMS, 2008, 255 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-4465-2, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4465-6, List: US$60, All AMS Members: US$48, GSM/90 [textbook]
Mathematical Ciphers: From Caesar to RSA - Anne L. Young, Loyola College in Maryland - AMS, 2006, 159 pp., Softcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-3730-3, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-3730-6, List: US$32, All AMS Members: US$25.60, MAWRLD/25 [textbook]
Number Theory 1: Fermat's Dream - Kazuya Kato, University of Tokyo, Nobushige Kurokawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Takeshi Saito, University of Tokyo - AMS, 2000, 154 pp., Softcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-0863-X, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0863-4, List: US$34, All AMS Members: US$27.20, MMONO/186 [textbook]
Algebraic Number Fields: Second Edition - Gerald J. Janusz, University of Illinois - AMS, 1996, 276 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 0-8218-0429-4, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-0429-2, List: US$56, All AMS Members: US$44.80, GSM/7 [textbook]

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