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Vieweg Aspects of Mathematics Book Series

The texts published in this series are intended for graduate students and all mathematicians who wish to broaden their research horizons or who simply want to get a better idea of what is going on in a given field. They are introductions to areas that are close to modern research and prepare the reader for a better understanding of research papers. Many of the books can also be used to supplement graduate course programs. Editor for Vieweg's Aspects of Mathematics series is Klas Diedrich. The AMS is exclusive distributor in North America. Vieweg Verlag Publications are available worldwide from the AMS outside of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Japan. (ISSN 0179-2156). Hardcover.

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For other Vieweg Verlag titles, see Vieweg Advanced Lectures in Mathematics and Vieweg monographs.

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Lectures on Algebraic Geometry II: Basic Concepts, Coherent Cohomology, Curves and Their Jacobians - Günter Harder, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics - A publication of Vieweg+Teubner, 2011, 365 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 3-8348-0432-0, ISBN-13: 978-3-8348-0432-7, List: US$89.95, All AMS Members: US$80.95, VWAM/41
Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Spaces: Perspectives on Quantum Geometry - Matilde Marcolli, California Institute of Technology, and Deepak Parashar, University of Cambridge, Editors - A publication of Vieweg+Teubner, 2010, 240 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 3-8348-1442-3, ISBN-13: 978-3-8348-1442-5, List: US$75, All AMS Members: US$67.50, VWAM/40
Deformation Spaces - Hossein Abbaspour, Université de Nantes, Matilde Marcolli, California Institute of Technology, and Thomas Tradler, New York City College of Technology (CUNY), Editors - A publication of Vieweg+Teubner, 2010, 181 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 3-8348-1271-4, ISBN-13: 978-3-8348-1271-1, List: US$60, All AMS Members: US$54, VWAM/39
Traces in Number Theory, Geometry and Quantum Fields - Sergio Albeverio, Universitát Bonn, Matilde Marcolli, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Sylvie Paycha, Université Blaise Pascal, and Jorge Plazas, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques - A publication of Vieweg+Teubner, 2008, 223 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 3-8348-0371-5, ISBN-13: 978-3-8348-0371-9, List: US$85, All AMS Members: US$76.50, VWAM/38
Noncommutative Geometry and Number Theory: Where Arithmetic meets Geometry and Physics - Caterina Consani, Johns Hopkins University, and Matilde Marcolli, Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik, Editors - A publication of Vieweg+Teubner, 2006, 372 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 3-8348-0170-4, ISBN-13: 978-3-8348-0170-8, List: US$113, All AMS Members: US$101.70, VWAM/37
Frobenius Manifolds: Quantum Cohomology and Singularities - Claus Hertling, Universität Mannheim, and Matilde Marcolli, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Editors - A publication of Vieweg+Teubner, 2004, 378 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 3-528-03206-5, ISBN-13: 978-3-528-03206-7, List: US$121, All AMS Members: US$108.90, VWAM/36
The Cauchy-Riemann Complex: Integral Formulae and Neumann Problem - Ingo Lieb, Universität Bonn, and Joachim Michel, Université du Littoral - A publication of Vieweg+Teubner, 2002, 362 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 3-528-06954-6, ISBN-13: 978-3-528-06954-4, List: US$109, All AMS Members: US$98.10, VWAM/34
Singular Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations - Raymond Gérard, Université Louis Pasteur, and Hidetoshi Tahara, Sophia University - A publication of Vieweg+Teubner, 1996, 269 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 3-528-06659-8, ISBN-13: 978-3-528-06659-8, List: US$109, All AMS Members: US$98.10, VWAM/28
Value Distribution Theory of the Gauss Map of Minimal Surfaces in \(\mathbf{R}^m\) - Hirotaka Fujimoto, University of Kanazawa - A publication of Vieweg+Teubner, 1993, 207 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 3-528-06467-6, ISBN-13: 978-3-528-06467-9, List: US$66, All AMS Members: US$59.40, VWAM/21
Complex Analysis - Klas Diederich, University of Wuppertal, Editor - A publication of Vieweg+Teubner, 1991, 341 pp., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 3-528-06413-7, ISBN-13: 978-3-528-06413-6, List: US$64, All AMS Members: US$57.60, VWAM/17

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